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Leesa Mattress Review – An upgrade over Casper?

On a mattress hunt? Thinking about a Casper? You might want to consider the Leesa mattress. Yes, it’s new but new isn’t exactly a bad thing. Leesa is beautiful. Here’s my Leesa mattress review. 

The Ins and Outs of the Leesa Mattress

The Leesa mattress is a 10-inch mattress comprised of three distinct foams.

2-inch layer of Avena Foam (the cooling layer)
2- inch layer of Memory Foam (the contouring layer)
6-inch layer of Dense Core Foam (the supporting layer)

Leesa Mattress Review - Leesa Sleep Review - Leesa Discount Coupon - Girl on the Mattress

Avena foam is a proprietary material, which acts a lot like latex foam except it’s more durable compared to the latter. It’s breathable and also hypoallergenic, so it’s safe to use by nearly anyone. The Avena foam is strategically places at the top layer to provide a cooling effect when you lie down. Memory foam, while excellent in providing contour support, has a tendency to ‘sleep hot.’ By sandwiching the memory foam between two different foam layers, you eliminate the hotness problem while reaping great comfort benefits.

Why You Will Love Leesa Mattress:

Beautiful Cover – This might seem trivial (after all, you won’t see the cover once you add that bedspread) BUT, the cover for the Leesa is worth mentioning because it’s absolutely chic. And let’s face it, first impressions count!

The Leesa cover is made from a single piece of fabric and includes a 4 bar design distinct to the company. It’s made from a breathable Lycra and polyester blend so it has enough stretch and durability. The moment you unfurl the foam and see the cover, you can see excellent craftsmanship. If the company placed so much emphasis on the cover can you imagine the craftsmanship placed on the mattress itself? Yeah, first impressions totally count.


Firmness, Comfort and Support are Top Notch! – To say it in plain terms, sleeping on the Leesa mattress feels amazing. I’ve slept on several mattresses before, and while there’s a different feel for each one, the Leesa feels a tad bit more special.

It has enough firmness so you don’t get that “drowning in quicksand” feeling when you lie down. Instead, you get a gentle hug with the right amount of softness to go with it. After a few moments, you’ll feel the memory foam working, refining and adjusting to the contours of your body. It’s no exaggeration that back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers can enjoy this mattress like ordinary sleepers can.

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Well-Balanced – Normally, when I do a sink test, mattresses tend to buckle or collapse when pressure is placed on the edges. With the Leesa, sleeping in the middle normal position saw a normal 1 to 1.5 inch sinkage. On the edges, it only resulted in about 4 inches of sinkage. While expected, it’s not as bad as previous mattresses I’ve encountered. In fact, it maintained good structural integrity, which means even near or edge sleepers won’t easily roll off the edge of the bed and find themselves on the floor the next day 🙂

Leesa Mattress Review - Leesa Sleep Review - Leesa Discount Coupon - Girl on the MattressGreat Trial Period and Pricing – Of course, pricing is going to become a factor during purchase. Luckily, despite all the amazing benefits the Leesa mattress offers, it has managed to keep it at a great price. Depending on the size, prices start at $525 for a Twin and up to $990 for a California King. Plus, free shipping is thrown in, along with 100-day trial period and a 10-year full replacement limited warranty. I’d say the company has you covered at every point. Also, they offer my readers a $75 off coupon, yay! Just use this Leesa Mattress Coupon Code at your check out: MATTRESSGIRL. You’re welcome 🙂

As icing on the cake, the company has vowed to donate one mattress to homeless shelters and those in need for every 10 mattresses they sell. So when you purchase, you not only get a great mattress for yourself, someone else benefits from it, as well.

Areas for Improvement and Complaints:

Only Available Online – While some people might have no problem with this (I don’t since I find it way more convenient,) others might, so having the Leesa mattress only available online can be a downside. However, once you take a look at their return policies, 100-day free trial and warranty, you’ll realize you actually have nothing to fear. If you don’t like it, you can easily return it.

Only a Single Model Available – Like the Casper, Leesa also only offers a single model. The lack of variety might put off some people, but the mattress is made for the general sleeper. If you need a super soft or a super firm mattress, then you might have better luck looking elsewhere.

Final Verdict:

Leesa Mattress Review - Leesa Sleep Review - Leesa Discount Coupon - Girl on the Mattress

The Leesa delivers when it comes to overall firmness and comfort. If you’re like me and you like mattresses that won’t swallow you the moment you lie down, or mattresses that feel like the floor, then you have everything you need in the Leesa. The Avena foam does wonders together with the memory foam. It’s well-made, offers great balance, and you can simply tell the company thought about their product long and hard before even considering putting it out in the market. Above all, the fact that you get to help people when you buy is a huge advantage.

Highly recommend the Leesa mattress for anyone who wants a great mattress without breaking open his or her savings account.



What Others Say:

Felt odd at first … Almost too soft. Then after a month I got used to the softness. Now I love it! My family loves it too. We are all getting one. I give it 9.5 out of ten. And I’m the kind of person that will try every mattress in six stores and leave empty handed if it doesn’t feel right.

I like how it doesn’t create holes or dents. I’ve had mine since March, still feels like the first day it came, and I’m not a small person. It’s soft but not overly soft like expensive memory foam beds. I hate hot beds; and, I don’t feel hot at night (& it gets up to 110f where I live). I wake up all cozy, like Cinderella should be singing with her birds or something.

Only thing is…
I would be cautious if your a stomach sleeper, because it sinks in and doesn’t allow for full back support. When I watch netflix on my stomach, I often feel like I’m looking up at my screen. But I sleep in every position at night- favoring my stomach, and it doesn’t bother me one bit. Only when I watch tv 😉

I would recommend you try it. If you don’t like it, send it back. No harm done 🙂


My normal nightly sleeping pattern is that I toss and turn for at least two hours trying to get to sleep- even when really tired. That of course keeps my wife awake. We are light sleepers; when either of us has to get up in the middle of the night, the other ALWAYS immediately wakes up- it has been like that for years. The moment I laid down on the Leesa, even in pain, it was so comfortable to ‘me’, that I turned over maybe twice, and that was it- I was out. This was a surprise, because it has been difficult to find a position to sleep in without pain. When I did have to get up four hours later, my wife was out, and did not awaken. On returning to bed, I fell asleep immediately. At some point she got up, but I never awoke. We both eventually awakened after 10 hours; a new all-time record for us.

I can’t speak for anyone but my wife and myself, but at this point, I give the mattress a 4.8 out of 5. If the sleep continues like this, it will move solidly into a 5 out of 5.

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