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Casper vs Brooklyn Bedding Index:

1. Introduction: Casper vs Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Comparison, Before You Buy

One mattress offers general comfort while the other is a relative newcomer known for their taste and quality, meet Casper and Brooklyn Bedding. For this comparison, let’s check out how these two online mattress companies compare with each other.

If you’d like to read my full detailed mattress reviews, here’s Casper, and  this one is for the Brooklyn Bedding mattress.

2. Detailed Comparison Of Casper vs Brooklyn Bedding:

Casper vs Leesa Mattress Comparison Review


Casper vs Leesa Mattress Comparison Review



Top Cover

Casper cover: two-tone shade with the top in white while the sides in grey. The top material is thin and porous which is great for breathability but also snags easily. The side fabrics can handle rough handling.

Brooklyn Bedding: Quilted comfort top with pillow-like design; two-tone design with logo running on the sides. Modern look and feel. It feels very sturdy.

Foam Layers

Casper 9,5-inches total, uses 4 layers: top layer is 1.5-inch poly foam creating a cool surface. Second layer is 1.5-inch memory foam with support and pressure relief. Third layer is the 1.5-inch support foam and the last bottom is 5-inch foam support and base layer. 

Brooklyn Bedding 10 inches total is made up of three layers: The top layer is 2 inch of Talalay latex designed for comfort and cooling. Second layer is 2 inch of Dunlap latex; third layer is 6 inch of poly foam for foundation base.


The Casper firmness: The mattress provides neutral firmness – not too soft, not too firm.

Brooklyn Bedding: Available in three firmness options: soft, medium and firm. Pick one that suits your preference and need.

Body Support

Sinkage for the Casper isn’t as pronounced when weight is distributed evenly across the mattress. Lying down on the Casper gives you more hug as the foam almost instantly moves according to your pressure points, giving your body support.

Brooklyn Bedding body support: Excellent body support and offers good contour and hug without sinking feeling for the sleeper.

Motion Transfer

Casper motion transfer: Casper offers less bounce and very minor motion transfer.

Brooklyn Bedding motion transfer: Good bounce with minimal motion transfer.


Casper prices:

twin size  : $495,
full size    : $795,
queen size: $995,
king/cal    : $1295.

$100 discount with the link.

Brooklyn Bedding prices:

twin size  : $450,
full size    : $637,
queen size: $711,
king/cal    : $937.

Add $237 discount.

Trial Period

Casper trial period: Offers 100-day trial period like the Brooklyn Bedding. This risk free trial lets you return the product within 100 days in case you’re not happy.

Brooklyn Bedding trial period: 120 nights trial period offered, if you’re not happy with the mattress, you can return for full refund.


Casper warranty: Same with BB, you get a 10-year warranty with the product.

Brooklyn Bedding warranty: Offers 10-year warranty period.

Shipping Period

Casper shipping: Free shipping is offered for those in the United States.

Brooklyn Bedding shipping: Free shipping within US except for Hawaii and Alaska; Shipping to those states cost $250


Casper returns: Casper picks it up and arranges for it to be donated to charity or forwarded to a recycling partner. Full refund within 100 days of the trial period.

Brooklyn Bedding returns: Offers 100% money back guarantee as long as mattress is returned within trial period

Casper Details:

Casper vs Brooklyn Bedding mattress comparison, casper vs Brooklyn bedding

Price: Starts at $550 (Twin) to $1150 (King)
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Shipping: Free shipping
Warranty: 10 Years
Made in: USA

*Includes the $100 discount. Code MATTRESSGIRL

Brooklyn Bedding Details

Casper vs Brooklyn Bedding mattress comparison, casper vs Brooklyn bedding

Price: Starts at $425 (Twin) to $900 (King)
Trial Period: 120 Nights
Shipping: Free shipping
Warranty: 10 Years
Made in: USA

Includes the %25 OFF discount with the link.

3. Summary Table: Comparison of Casper vs Brooklyn Bedding with Specs

  Casper Brooklyn Bedding
Foam Layers: Total 9.5″ thick: 1.5-inch poly foam, 1.5-inch memory foam, 1.5-inch support foam,  7-inch high density support foam Total 10″ thick: 2 inches of Titanflex foam; 2 inches of Energex foam, 6 inches of support/foundation foam, 1 inches of extra base support
Height: 12 inches 11 inches
Cover: Two tone white and gray cover; top cover is thin and breathable while sides are more durable Two tone cover with modern appeal, quilted foam type layer
Firmness: Medium Firm (6.5 out of 10 in firmness scale) Available in Soft, Medium and Firm options
Support: Good Good
Motion Transfer: Very minimal Minimal
Price: Starts at $595 for Twin to $1395 for King Starts at $425 (Twin) to $900 (Split King/Split Cal King)
Warranty: 10 years 10 Years
Trial Period: 100 Days 120 Nights
Shipping: Free within US and Canada Free except Hawaii and Alaska
Returns: Yes, 100% money back Yes, 100% refund within trial period
Discounts: $100 off 25% OFF

The Final Verdict

Both the Casper and Brooklyn Bedding each feature plenty of advantages for various sleepers. The Casper is great if you want a mattress that’s essentially an “all around” mattress. It’s got good comfort, proper support and just enough bounce and 12 inches height. For the Brooklyn Bedding, it’s highly recommended for anyone who is after a great bounce, sort of purchasing a spring mattress. There’s also equal balance between contour and hug that makes the mattress a pleasure to sleep on. Brooklyn Bedding Signature is from mattress manufacturers directly and priced much better. So as usual, decision is yours to make.

To learn more visit: casper.com and brooklynbedding.com