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Blello Mattress
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Blello mattress is the new bed in a box mattress brand that offers lots of contouring and comfort with a really amazing price!!



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Bello Mattress Review

The Blello Mattress is an all foam mattress in a box with an equal balance of softness and support without sacrificing coolness for comfort. The foams are a combination of cooling, contouring and supportive technology for the perfect sleep system. The combination of firm base and cushioned top layers make for an optimal sleeping surface. So get ready to sleep cool and comfortable and wake up rested and refreshed, and check out the details in my Blello mattress review below:

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Breaking Down The Layers

The Blello Mattress has a total of 10” in height and has three unique individual layers entirely constructed out of different foams. Let me break down the layers to you:

The Responsive Top Comfort Layer – has 1.5 inches thickness comprising of a unique response foam called Serene Foam which is specially designed to be able to conform to your body giving you a pressure relief and maximum comfort without retaining too much heat that makes you feel sweaty and trapped while you rest. This top layer also helps a great deal with the reduction of motion transfer, so moving around or shifting saving you the risk of disturbing your sleeping partner with the movement.

The Middle Transition Layer – has 2.5 inches thickness. This medium-firm core layer is made of eco-friendly, hypo-allergenic and 100% recyclable Qualatex Foam, which is a latex-like material designed to add some bounce to the mattress and prevent the appearance of sunken spots. It also works as a transition layer between the upper, soft comfort layer and a firmer base that offers the sleeper the right amount of support and pleasant lifts and helps in dissipating body heat.

The Bottom Foundation Layer – is made out of 6 inches high-density and supportive polyfoam that serves as the foundation for the mattress. This durable foam is designed to provide sleepers with a nice deep compression support regardless of your sleep preference or what body type or body weight you have.

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Blello Mattress Review: All in the Cover

The cover is a stretchy and durable three-layer fabric that breathable and stylish which adds to the overall comfort of the mattress. It’s a soft and breathable material.

Blello Mattress review, blello mattress, blello, mattress in a box, girl on the mattress 2

How Does The Blello Mattress Perform?

Blello Mattress has combined the sleep-friendly colors of blue and yellow to create a cool and comfortable mattress that all types of sleepers would love cozying up, whether you prefer sleeping on your side, back or stomach. This bed falls just within the sweet spot of firmness -between a 5 and 6, with 10 as the firmest, giving you the perfect amount of contour and just the right amount of support without being too firm.

Blello’s design forms to your preferred sleep position and controls motion transfer. This mattress has great reduction qualities due to the multiple layers of memory foam used in the construction of this mattress. The vibrations are easily absorbed rather than spread throughout the rest of the mattress, thus, minimizing motion transfer, making your sleep less possible to get disrupted even if your partner comes in and out of bed.

Blello Mattress review, blello mattress, blello, mattress in a box, girl on the mattress 3

Unlike other traditional memory foam mattresses that retain heat while you sleep, Blello mattress has two comfort layers that are designed to minimize heat retention giving a cool and relaxed slumber.

Blello has good responsiveness feature that can make you move around without feeling stuck or swallowed up by the mattress. It does a pretty good job in preventing excessive sinkage and providing even support throughout the mattress. It is soft enough to cradle your body in any sleeping position but that also offers necessary support to keep your spine properly aligned.

This mattress is an American made bed that comes with a 10-year warranty. It offers shipment for free in a fairly compact box right to your door. You need to unbox, remove the compressed mattress, carefully cut the plastic and unroll it before you can sleep on it since it is compressed and rolled when delivered. It also comes with a 100-night trial and if you’re not fully satisfied, no worries, you can easily contact Blello for removal and a full refund.

Blello Details

Price: Starts at $525 (Twin) to $995 (Cal King)
Shipping: Free Shipping via UPS, 4-10 business days
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty
Made in: USA
Discount: $15 OFF with the code

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Blello Mattress Review: The Final Verdict

The Blello Mattress is an excellent choice if you want a mattress that is comfortable regardless of which sleeping position you prefer, it is entirely made out of foam and features good temperature regulation. It offers a balanced, medium feel meeting most people’s needs and sleep preferences. This mattress suits sleepers of most shapes, sizes, and weights and provide you with both great comfort and ultimate support for a restful sleep experience. So if you’re looking for a comfortable and supportive mattress made of quality materials that will not cost you a fortune, the Blello Mattress might be the right choice for you. That’s all from this Blello mattress review, hope you enjoyed! 🙂


– How are Blello Mattresses Packaged and Delivered?
Blello mattress is made-to-order, compressed, rolled up in a box and delivered straight to your door.

– Does the Blello Foam Smell?
Many new foam mattress products have an associated smell once unboxed and set up. However, this is just an unharmful component of the foam layers. The smell will diminish within 1-5 days. As soon as you receive your mattress, you should take it out of its packaging and let it air out. Any noticeable odors will soon disappear.

– How long will it take to receive my Blello mattress?
Please give them 3-5 business days to process your order, compress your mattress and send it out for delivery.

Get in Touch With Blello Mattress

Blello requests you contact them via phone +1 844-424-3556 , text +1-617-440-4100 or you can also email at hello@bello.com or support@bello.com

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