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Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress
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Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

The Brooklyn Signature Mattress claims to be “the best mattress ever!” Is this just hype or is there something special about this unique hybrid mattress? Let’s find out in this in-depth Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress review:

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress Review

The mattress I tried is the medium level one. As you can see if you pressure only one point, it sinks. If you are laying on and sleep then it is perfect. If you are a heavy sleeper, I would suggest the firm version of Signature Hybrid.

Breaking Down the Layers

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is offered in three firmness levels and composed of three layers of mattress. It totals to 10 inches, providing a comfortable, hybrid construction for a good night’s sleep. The layers are as follows:

First Layer: Made up of 2-inches of 4 lb. TitanFlex Foam; this offers a wonderful bounce and responsiveness while giving you cooling comfort. It also helps provide contour to the body to ensure you are well-supported.

Second Layer: Also made up of 2-inches of 4lb. TitanFlex Foam. Even though it’s composed of the same material as the top layer, its placement allows it to be slightly denser, resulting in more relief and great support.

Final Layer: The bottom layer is composed of 6-inches of 1,024 Ascension Pocketed Coil System. It’s designed to be pocketed to minimize the motion transfer while also offering support in all parts of the body. This layer also ensures a stable bottom and helps support the foam on top.

All in the Cover

The top cover is crafted from quilted cotton polyester. Soft to the touch, it is sewn together to a ¾ inch thick layer of poly foam. The foam adds to the body and gives off a quilted look while also acting as a soft pillow top. The best part is that the cover is completely breathable so there’s plenty of air circulation and ensures you sleep cool.

How Does It Perform

Considered a latex alternative foam, the Brooklyn Signature Mattress uses new technology to give you the function and performance of a latex mattress without the high price point a true latex includes. The 6-inch pocketed coil base provides a durable base where the top layers can rest. There’s minimal motion transfer in the mattress thanks to the pocketed coils but this doesn’t sacrifice the natural buoyancy of the materials, still offering enough responsiveness.

The mattress is available in soft, medium and firm options. The softest is around a 4 out of 10 in the firmness scale while a medium (6 out of 10) is often a popular choice for most sleepers. Those who prefer to sleep with a firmer mattress, like stomach and back sleepers, the firm option runs at an 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Regardless of whether you sleep heavy or light, you can find the right mattress firmness for you.

If you find value in my reviews, please use my referral links! You'll usually get a big discount, and I'll get a small commission, which is very much appreciated.

BB Signature Hybrid Mattress Details:

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Price: Starts at $549 (Twin) to $1,099 (King)
Shipping: Free shipping
Trial Period: 120 nights
Made in: USA
Discount: %10 OFF with code

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The Final Verdict

What I love about this mattress is the combination of the pocketed coil system and the foam. With this combination, you get the best of both worlds like the responsiveness of the foam along with the support and pressure relief of the coil system. Thanks to the breathable cover, air easily circulates throughout the mattress ensuring you sleep cool each time. I’ve also noticed there’s minimal off-gassing during initial setup and the mattress can work with various frames, adjustable bases and even slatted beds so you don’t have to worry.

Finally, the company itself has been in the business for some time, and their products are of high quality and perform solid. So, if you want a mattress that’s completely responsive, feels liked latex minus the exorbitant price, then the Brooklyn Signature could truly be the best mattress for you.

Website: www.brooklynbedding.com/product/best-mattress-ever