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Casper Mattress
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Casper, Casper. Thanks to their high funding and marketing, now everyone knows the new bed-in-box model mattresses. Although some people may not like the company and founders, their mattress is better and cheaper than in-store models, ships to your door in a box and it’s comfortable for many sleepers.


Not So Great

  • A bit pricey for the value.
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Casper Mattress Review – Worth The Hype?

You probably found this site the same way everybody else has, by searching Casper Mattress Review. And if you’re on the lookout for the latest mattress on the block then you have to meet Casper. (Since I wrote this review, there are many many others)

This Casper review is for their first model of Casper. The new updated review is coming soon.

For now, I’ll post the Casper unboxing video here. I literally forgot to post the updated review. Sorry!!! 

The Casper is composed of 3 unique foam layers. The first layer is made from hypoallergenic and supportive latex foam. Its middle layer is memory foam while the third base layer serves as the support layer for everything. Topping the memory foam with latex makes the mattress sleep cooler and works to combat the age-old problem of heat retention and quicksand feel, a common complaint when using memory foam.

casper mattress review

Casper definitely has one of the most beautiful web design, their website is magical! casper.com

The Casper is a medium-firm bed with a solid amount of spring, especially for a memory foam based bed. You won’t be able to jump around on it but it offers proper support and most importantly, a good night’s sleep.

Being an online company, ordering has been made hassle-free. The Casper mattress is compressed in a roll and shipped in a box. It comes with a mini pouch containing a thank you note, instructions and a cutting tool for opening the mattress. All you have to do is slide it in place and open the wrapping, you can then watch it unfurl.

Like competitors Leesa and Helix you get 100-day trial period with your mattress. If you’re unhappy with it, Casper lets you return it. They’ll even help you arrange for a pick up so you won’t have to pay shipping.

All About The Casper Mattress

It is more than just memory foam – By layering the latex foam, memory foam and a support foam on top of each other, you get a mattress with a nice amount of sink and a good amount of bounce. Memory foams tend to get hot so sandwiching it between latex and support foam gives you the cool and comforting benefit of the latex foam with the proper comfort of the memory foam. Most American sleepers are not familiar with latex but it’s a popular choice for Europeans since it is breathable and reduces pressure points. Latex is a bit springy however so when Casper added the memory foam underneath, it created a very well balanced feel.

100% USA Made – Anybody who prefers things made in the country will adore this one. Careful attention to detail including using non-allergenic versions of latex and an excellent fire barrier instead of dousing the memory foam with toxic fire retardants is another huge plus.

Comfort – This is probably the biggest factor of them all. The Casper mattress has found a unique blend of materials to create a solid bed without that immediate ‘sinking’ feeling most memory foam only mattresses have. It’s comfortable but not too soft, neither is it too hard. It’s captured a unique feel and seems to be particularly well received by people who love a ‘soft hug’ feeling when they sleep.

Areas for Improvement and Complaints

Unimpressive Edge Support – I found out that the Casper mattress is excellent when the weight is centered. However, if you move towards the edge, pronounced sinkage happens. If you’re an edge sleeper or like to use the bed for sitting down and dislike sinking into the mattress, you might want to do a bit more shopping.

No Foundation – This isn’t a problem for some but for others it’s a deal breaker. Since it’s only available online, there’s no foundation included. Depending on the look you want for your bedroom, you can place the mattress directly on the floor or use it with a platform base or bed. You just need to buy it separately. (Now they do sell many other products including foundation, even dog beds :p)

Only Available Online – Personally, I love the idea that Casper is revolutionizing the mattress industry by eliminating extra expenses in shops and middlemen. Some people might think it’s too risky buying a mattress they haven’t seen themselves. However, Casper eliminates the risk by offering a 100-day free trial. Yes, you can sleep in the bed. Try it out. See if it works for you. If for some reason, within 100 nights, you’re not satisfied with it. You can request a refund and they’ll help arrange a pickup so the returned mattress is donated to charity. Now that’s dedication!

Casper Mattress Review: Final Verdict

The Casper Mattress is a solid and stable bed worth trying out at very little risk. Armed with durable layers of latex, memory foam and support foam, you get a mattress with the perfect balance of firmness. Personally, I love how it gives a soft hug feel, ensuring all my pressure points are covered, without making me feel like I’m drowning. Side sleepers, front sleepers and back sleepers will find the Casper equally comfortable as well. However, for edge sleepers or couples, the sinkage towards the edges is worth noting. You can still try the mattress though thanks to Casper’s 100-day risk free trial policy.

In the end, the Casper is a bed made for the the majority of sleepers. Created by a new company that provides a luxurious product for a very reasonable price.

Learn more at casper.com