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Eight Sleep Pod Review
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Smell
  • Bounciness
  • Edge Support
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeps Cool
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Eight Sleep created the Pod smart mattress for the sleepers who like using smart tech and tools and having control over their sleep.


  • Temperature control of the bed, cool down or heat up
  • Dual side customization for partners
  • Includes the smart sleep and body data tracking
  • Great value – $2,345 directly from Eightsleep.com +free gift like sheets or blanket


  • A bit pricey
  • Only one firmness level

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Eight Pod Mattress Review

Eight Sleep, one of the most innovative sleep startup, launched a new mattress that promises to solve the sleeping hot issues. Majority of sleepers get hot when they sleep and some sleeps very hot and sweaty, and Eight Sleep claims to find a solution for that. Is this just hype or is there something really cool about this new smart mattress and it’s technology? (Note that normally I sleep weeks and month on new mattresses, I did sleep only 1 night with the Eight Pod and this review includes tech details and my initial feedback and review on it.) Let’s find out in this in-depth Eight Sleep Pod mattress review!

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Even laying on top of the sheets, you can feel the coolness of the bed!!!

Breaking Down the Layers

Eight Pod Mattress is offered in one firmness level, it’s a medium-firm level of mattress. So not soft, not firm, in the middle – close to the firmer side. It’s composed of five layers, totaling 11 inches, and 95 lbs total weight for a queen size mattress.

Construction for the Pod is as follows:

– The 1st layer is the mattress cover/active grid)
– 2nd layer: 2-inch pressure relief high-performance foam
– 3rd layer: 2-inch contouring foam
– 4th layer: 2-inch polyfoam for support
– 5th layer: 5-inch high-density foundation base

All in the Cover

Eight Pod Review, The Pod review, Eight Pod Mattress review, Eight sleep, Hot sleeper mattress

Eight Sleep Pod Smart Mattress Cover

The Pod has a cover that’s made from a soft knit material, it’s breathable and sturdy. It looks so chic that makes you want to take off the sheets and sleep on it directly. That cover has the grid underneath, which tracks your sleep data, heart rate, toss and turns, deep sleep, REM sleep, and many more… And most importantly it allows you to change the temperature of your bed. You can make it hot or cold depending on your personal preference. Let’s say your partner has different opinions then, he/she can change her side’s temperature.

When I was trying it, I made one side hot and the other side cold. I obviously stayed on the hot side as I love warm cozy bed 🙂 and tried a bit the cold side because it’s actually pretty cold if you set the settings to cold. I was putting my leg to the cold side, and that’s my testing. My friend who slept on the side of the cold loved it!

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review, Eight Smart Mattress Review, Eight Pod Review, The Pod review, Eight Pod Mattress review, Eight sleep, Hot sleeper mattress

The mattress looks pretty chic, sleeps cool, I mean really cool 🙂

How Does It Perform

An all foam mattress, there is a minimal motion transfer with Eight Pod. If you’re sleeping with a partner you will not feel your partners motions easily. However, with that being said, having a layer of grids gives the bed a non-bouncy feeling. If you like a mattress where you want lots of bounce or responsiveness you’ll not get it.

If someone asks you what temperature you sleep the best, would you know the answer? I think everybody’s sweet spot is different and hard to guess what temperature gives the most refreshing recovering sleep. Sleeping on the Eight Pod, you can find out what’s your optimal best sleep temperature. Data tells it all. It’s amazing! And the best thing is the app is very user-friendly to see and track all your data to be knowledgeable about your sleep.

Eight Pod Smart Mattress Review Video:



The Eight Pod mattress is available only in medium firmness. The firmness is between 6-7 in the firmness scale while 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest. Those who prefer to sleep with a firmer mattress, like to sleep on their stomach and back, will adore this mattress. If you’re a lightweight sleeper like below 150 LBS, and you like to sleep on your side only, then it’s going to feel a bit firm for your shoulders and hips.

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Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review, Eight Smart Mattress Review, Eight Pod Review, The Pod review, Eight Pod Mattress review, Eight sleep, Hot sleeper mattress


Type: Memory foam mattress
Height: 11 inches
Weight: 95 LBS
Shipping: Free shipping
Trial Period: 100 nights
Made in: USA

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The Final Verdict

My personal opinion is that the Eight Sleep has been making mattresses for a while now and all the ones I tried were so comfortable, durable and supportive. But being with Eight Sleep means more than just buying a product from them; you’re joining an innovative sleep team, so you’re not just getting a mattress or a mechanism to cool the bed. They will be learning from you, improving their tech and increasing your sleep quality, you’re entering into a relationship with this smart bed company. I mean they are serious about sleep optimization.

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review Conclusion:

You’ll like it if:

  • You’re a hot sleeper and you’d like to sleep cool.
  • You like to change the temperature of the mattress, make it cooler or warmer; and more, you can change it per right and left side of the bed if you have a partner.
  • You are interested in smart home systems, connect it to your Alexa, etc.
  • You like to track your sleep with 15+ different data, heart rate, REM, deep sleep info, track/control your partner’s side separately, wake up with smart alarm.
  • You like a medium firm – firmer feel of a mattress.

You might not like it if:

  • You prefer a spring mattress with a bouncy feeling.
  • You are not techie at all and don’t like to track your sleep data.
  • You don’t sleep hot or cold, you’re fine with your bed’s temperature.

Learn more: www.eightsleep.com


Eight Pod Review, The Pod review, Eight Pod Mattress review, Eight sleep, Hot sleeper mattress


– Does the Pod work with any foundation or adjustable base?

The Pod is best placed on a breathable box spring or slatted base. However, is not compatible with an adjustable base, as it requires no kinks in the mat to ensure proper water flow for the heating/cooling feature.

If your foundation has slats, be sure there are no gaps wider than 3” between the supporting beams/slats of your foundation. The floor or solid wood foundation (without slats)  can work also, but it may not provide enough breathability for the foam.

– How cool does the Pod get?

The Pod’s temperature is liquid powered. The water temperature ranges between 55 degrees and 115 degrees.

– How many people can log in to the Pod?

You and one partner may have your own login to the same Pod, but your partner must be invited by you to gain access. Sharing data with each other is available, but both partners must turn on the sharing feature.

If you have multiple Pods, you must use a unique email address login for each device.

Get in Touch with Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep requests you contact them via phone+1 888 699 4015, or you can also email at support@eightsleep.com

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