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Helix Mattress
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Helix is a unique mattress that is custom-built based on how you sleep. By answering a quick sleep quiz, Helix customizes the mattress based on your body type, sleeping position, and mattress preference. More, it’s customizable for couple, so you can dual comfort design the mattress with two distinct sides.


  • Great for couples with different sleeping preferences.
  • Risk free trial and easy returns
  • Financing options available
  • Good price – only $945 directly from Helix.com


  • Warranty could be longer

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Helix Mattress Review – Does The Customization Work?

Unlike most online mattress companies, the Helix Sleep has found a niche geared towards those who dream of having their own customized sleeping experience. How do they customize a sleep experience, you ask? And does it really work or is this some sort of gimmick? Curious, I attempted to find out for myself. This full Helix mattress review gets down and comfy, so make sure to read all the way to the end.

Helix Mattress review girl on the mattress

Hello, I’m Nesli.. Are you ready for my in-depth detailed Helix review? Get comfy and enjoy 🙂

The Foam Layers:

At first glance, the Helix mattress seems typical enough. You get a 10.5-inch thick mattress, same height, and size as most mattresses currently available. The layers are a bit more complicated than your average 3-layer Casper or Leesa, though.

Helix Mattress Unboxing

Helix comes compressed in this unique blue boxed. Free shipping.

Open it up and you’ll find 4 layers of polyfoam, dynamic foam and microcoils. There’s no single structure of which layer goes first since each one is customized according to the buyer (or in this case, sleeper, you.)

Helix mattress review, helix sleep

Helix has a very special softness thanks to it’s microcoils. It’s bouncy, responsive and little motion transfer.

Here’s what you generally get Helix mattress:

First Layer – 2-inch thick Helix Dynamic Foam that provides comfort and full responsiveness while creating a cooling effect. Firmness is determined according to the sleeper, based on the ILD (Indentation Load Deflection), a form of firmness measure.

Second/Third Layer – 2.5-inch pocketed microcoils. Most online mattress companies have done away with coils but the Helix mattress makes use of it perfectly on their product. These are added to create a lovely bounce while lifting pressure off the body. The microcoils also create a wonderful softness to the mattress.

Second/Third Layer – 2-inch thick high grade polyfoam. This layer exists to provide support for the top layers and the bottom layer. It has an ILD thickness of between 20-26 so it’s basically there for stability.

Fourth Layer – 4-inch thick layer of high grade support foam. Like all mattresses, this dense foam is added as a foundation for the top layers. It serves as a sturdy base.

Helix Mattress Review - Girl on the Mattress - Helix sleep reviews

Helix details:

Price: Starts at $600 (twin) – $1,245 (king)
Trial: 100 Nights
Shipping: Free, 6-8 Business Days
Warranty: 10 Years
Discount: $125 OFF any Helix Luxe order

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It’s all in the Cover

You might not be nit-picky with the cover and yes; it does very little to the actual performance of the mattress. But I think when a brand pays careful attention to the covers of their mattresses; it means they’ve paid even more attention to how the actual mattresses are made.

Helix Mattress Review, Helix Sleep mattress Review, Helix reviews, girl on the mattress

As for the Helix mattress, it comes with a 100% polyester cover. The upper half portion is all white with dotted, quilted patterns all around. This is thin and breathable so when you lie down, you get almost direct contact with the foam and microcoils. (And trust me, your body will feel the difference!) The bottom half of the cover is covered with a blue side panel. This is durable fabric and prevents wear and tear at the bottom part of the mattress. High attention to detail.

Why You Will Love Helix Sleep Mattress

Helix Mattress Review, Helix Sleep mattress Review, Helix reviews, girl on the mattress

Setting up the motion transfer test 🙂

It’s Fully Customizable! – Normally, I would give you an overall account of how firm, comfortable or supportive a particular mattress is, but the Helix Mattress throws that out the window since each mattress rolled out the shop is made especially for you.

The deal goes down like this. When you buy, you’re asked to fill out a short sleep quiz. It asks for your ideas on firmness, cooling and sleep positions you normally engage in, among several others. Each question is designed to give the company an idea of what type of sleeper you are.

Once all of your answers are gathered, Helix Sleep creates the mattress suitable for you. It’ll be based on four major points: temperature regulation, firmness or feel, support and point elasticity (or how the rest of the mattress reacts when you place pressure on a single area.)

Helix Mattress Review, Helix Sleep mattress Review, Helix reviews, girl on the mattress

Jump jump jump.. My Helix came as a bouncy one, thanks to the microcoils. Also, there was very little motion transfer.

“Each Helix mattress is individually optimized for four key metrics: Feel, Support, Temperature Regulation, and Point Elasticity” –Helix.com

Options for Single or Couples – A bit unexpected but definitely welcome, Helix offers couples with Blended or Dual Comfort mattress options. What does this mean?

Well, for a “blended” Helix mattress, they take both the considerations of you and your partner, and create the mattress average according to both your needs.

For the “Dual Comfort” type mattress, they take both your needs into consideration, but instead of finding an average, Helix creates one mattress with two separate sides. Both sides will have a completely different feel and suited to you and your partner’s specifications. It’s pretty neat if you ask me.

Helix Mattress Review - Does The Customization Work? 2024

The bottom of the Helix mattress is very sturdy, comparing some of the other all foam mattresses.

Even Sinkage – This part is based on my personal experience since the Helix mattress you order will be made for you. The mattress I got provided great weight distribution with minimal sinkage, about 1-1.5 inch only down the middle. Sitting on the edge meant getting a little more depth as it sunk about 4-5 inches. This depends on your weight, of course. I found the sinkage typical to most mattresses. Then again, a mattress is made for lying on and not sitting down at the edge. Gobbling Chinese takeout while enjoying an Orange is the New Black marathon isn’t exactly what I would use a bed for (but then again, it’s your bed!). In this regard, I like how Helix has handled even distribution perfectly.

Price and Returns – With such a competitive online mattress market showing up, it’s no surprise Helix has made their prices suitable to compete, as well. The Helix mattress prices start at $600 for a Twin and reach $1295 for the California King. The trial period includes 100 nights and the company asks you to try it for a month before deciding to return it or not, though this is not mandatory. Helix offers free shipping and you get a full refund if you don’t like your experience. They also offer zero percent financing.

Areas for Improvement and Complaints

Dual Comfort Type Limitations – Remember the dual comfort type mattress Helix offers? Well, it’s pretty cool but it’s only available in certain sizes like Queen, King and California King sizes. I guess it’s understandable since in order for the bed to be distinct on each side, you need a good width and space. There’s also an added 2-3 days in the production line so delivery will take longer.

Helix Mattress Review: The Final Verdict

Helix Mattress Review, Helix Sleep mattress Review, Helix reviews, girl on the mattress

The complete video is coming soon. I do really like Helix and where they are taking the mattress industry to. Future mattresses are going to be fully customizable and with a lot of options just like the coffee or bagels we get in USA 🙂

If you’re unsure what type of mattress to get, I would suggest you go for the Helix mattress. It’s made according to your sleeping needs so you get a mattress with comfort, support and that much needed (or lack) of firmness you require. I like how Helix handled the idea of couples with unique mattress needs. The dual comfort and blended options are amazing, giving you the opportunity to satisfy both you and your partner’s needs. To top it off, the price is hard to beat for the luxury and quality you get!

I’d say go for the Helix mattress if you have specific needs when you sleep. The added time you take to answer the questions along with the competitive price makes this a serious contender in the online mattress world.