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Luxi Mattress Review

Sleep is a very personal process. It’s something all of us do and yet we all have different needs and ways of sleeping. So prescribing one-size fits all mattress is near impossible. Luckily, companies like Luxi Sleep are addressing this particular issue. How? By offering customizable mattresses to fit your specific needs! But is it any good? Let’s find out in my Luxi mattress review below:

Breaking Down the Layers

What’s great about the Luxi Sleep mattress is you can easily swap the mattress around to get a soft, medium or firm feel. For this review, I went with the medium firmness since I like it and it’s usually the top choice for most people.

First Layer: 1.5 inches of Dunlop latex designed to offer comfort as well as cooling. It’s especially aerated so the foam can breathe better and give a cooler surface.

Second Layer: 1-inch memory foam that provides pressure relief and functions as transition layer.

Third Layer: 3.5 inches of memory foam heads. This layer offers support, increases and accommodates compression and contour.

Bottom Layer: 3.5 inches of polyurethane foam, serving as the foundation layer to give the top layers support.

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Changing the feel of the Luxi mattress from a medium to a soft feel is as simple as flipping the top three foam layers. The third layer, which includes the memory foam heads, then becomes the top layer while the rest become support and comfort layers.

To change it into the firm option, you use the polyurethane foam as the top layer, followed by the memory foam heads, the memory foam and then the latex at the bottom.

Also, you can customize each side of the mattress so you and your partner can find the best firmness of your choice.

All in the Cover

While most covers are made from polyester, Luxi Sleep combines polyester with viscose and spandex to create theirs. It’s then beautifully quilted with ½ inch foam so it has that soft, plush feel. Meanwhile, the spandex provides plenty of breathability and elasticity to make sure the cover is comfortable as well.

Aesthetically, the cover is often all white while at the bottom, you’ll find gray edging which allows the cover to be unzipped so you can move the foam layers around. Luxi mattress uses a “waterfall edge” so you get a seamless, clean look all around. This does make it look luxurious and chic.

How Does it Perform

Looks may be important but overall, it’s the performance that truly counts. As mentioned, the capacity to personalize the Luxi Sleep mattress makes it difficult to gauge since people would have different preferences. The medium is about a 5.5 out of 10 in terms of firmness. The soft version is around a 3.5-4 out of 10 while the firm version is close to an 8. It’s actually easy to flip the layers because it’s enclosed in a lycra/polyurethane fabric.

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The medium option is perfect for providing support and good body contouring. The memory foam heads do a fantastic job of conforming to your shape and giving you that nice hug without making you feel overwhelmed. There’s also a good amount of pushback from the bottom layers. Motion transfer and bounce are a bit more considerable when the foam is arranged in a medium firm option compared to the soft version. Finally, you get to sleep cool with the mattress.

Luxi Sleep Details:

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Price: Starts at $799 (Twin) to $1299 (King/Cal King)
Shipping: Free
Trial Period: 100 night sleep trial in 100 days, and 1000 night sleep guarantee
Warranty: 10 Years
Made in: USA

*$100 discount is already included.

 The Final Verdict

Overall, the Luxi Sleep is built with quality and provides great performance for those who don’t mind customizing their sleep. It’s an interesting concept to be able to swap around the foam and find the perfect comfort and support you require for your sleeping habits. Hope my Luxi mattress review is helpful for you, if you tried the Luxi mattress, please write your review below 🙂