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Pacific Mattress
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Pacific is a new mattress on the market, it’s a great option for people with curves and side sleepers plus, it sleeps pretty cool!

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Pacific Mattress Review – California Dreaming Anyone?

Mattress industry is booming, yes, it will probably continue for a while till we decide which mattresses to keep for the long run. In this review, we’ll be talking everything you need to know about the new mattress from California, Pacific mattress.. Pacific mattress founders are in the mattress industry for over 25 years, and they created a new technology for you to sleep comfortable, cool and supportive, it’s called Float Foam. Want to find out if it lives up to its promise? Let’s dive in and find out, in my full Pacific mattress review below:

Breaking Down the Layers

Built using three different layers, the Pacific mattress is a total 10-inches worth of thick foam geared towards a lot of pressure relief, comfort and support. Pacific mattress offers two different firmness levels: medium soft and medium firm. Below are the layers, and differences between the both options.

Top Layer: 1.5 inches of Float Foam (zoned for extra softness and pressure relief in Medium Soft) providing all the benefits of memory foam like pressure relief and support, but providing a much cooler sleep surface, dramatically easier movement on the mattress and better durability.

Second Layer: 1.5 inches of transitional latex foam (2 inches of softer latex for added softness and pressure relief in Medium Soft) to provide deep down support, pressure relief and a smooth transition from the comfort layers to the much firmer support core.

Bottom Layer: 7 inches of ultra high density support core (6.5 inches of the same density, but slightly softer core to maintain softness continuity in Medium Soft) to provide a high level of support and durability.

To maintain the quality of support and durability, both mattresses use the same high density materials, but Medium Soft uses slightly softer versions to allow more body contouring and pressure relief for those that need it.

Pacific Mattress Review

The Details

Price: Starts at $699 (Twin) to $1,199 (King)
Shipping: Free
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Warranty: 10 Years
Made in: USA
Discounts: $100 off with code

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All in the Cover

First, the cover of Pacific mattress is made from a blend of high quality polyester, rayon, modacrylic and small amount of lycra, giving it a stretchy and breathable feel while also ensuring it’s soft and comfortable. Similar to clothing athletes wear, this cover is designed to keep the heat away from the bodies and so leaves a cool feeling.

All the thought and planning for the mattress building shows it’s proves starting with touching the cover, it’s very soft and durable. When you pull it, it stretch back to normal, and it has a zipper, so if you wish, you can wash it!

How Does It Perform?

Okay, now the biggest question, how did the Pacific mattress performed? Cover, we talked about it it’s very soft and comfortable, inviting to a sleep immediately, and to be honest, after sleeping on it a few nights, my body couldn’t even resist to be on top of it. I tried the medium soft firmness level which was around 5 out of 10. The feeling and comfort gets just better and better.

The float foam layer on top keep the mattress cooler than a regular memory foam mattress, while providing a superior body contouring and pressure relief. You don’t feel trapped or sinked in at all, while you get all the comfort and support.

Motion transfer for the bed is very minimal while giving some decent amount of bounce. You can see it in the videos. Also if you’re a heavy edge sleeper you may not like this mattress.

Complaints and Improvements

Hmm, so the mattress felt great and very nice, and we’ll see how other people will think about it, but first I’d like to add a little feedback.

To make the cover more sturdy, I’d put a different type of material on the side of the cover, that way, you can’t pull, break it or anything. Right now, it’s less thick than the top white cover,  which is very sturdy.

The Final Verdict:

Although you may not heard the Pacific mattress yet, I think we will see it and hear about it more and more often. It’s a very nice quality mattress offers amazing body contouring and pressure relief to all your critical points while gives you the refreshing cool sleep experience. There is the bounce, very little motion transfer and comfort.

I’d easily and confidently suggest the Pacific mattress. Give it a try. Pretty good value if you ask me. And lastly, please write your review below if you tried the Pacific mattress.