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Zenhaven Mattress Review

Waiting for the all-latex mattress of your dreams? If you are, you can add one more name to try out on your list – the Zenhaven Mattress. One of the newest online-only mattress companies, Zenhaven aims to compete in the luxury mattress field banking on their chic design, green construction and fair price point. Let’s check out if this all-latex mattress is the one you’ve been waiting for in my Zenhaven mattress review below.

Breaking Down the Layers

You get 10-inches worth of foam with the Zenhaven. Essentially, the Zenhaven can be flipped and both the top and bottom layers are comfort layers except one side is soft while the other is a medium firm. The foam used is made from 100% all-natural latex, which would make any eco-friendly lover out there something to squeal about. Zenhaven mattress is formed by these layers:

Top Layer: Composed of 1.5-inches of Talalay latex. With the Talalay, you get natural coolness and a great bounce. This same top layer is composed of a 5-zone layer offering both support and comfort at once.

zenhaven layers, zenhaven mattress review

Zenhaven is an all natural latex mattress. (Zenhaven mattress review, credit Zenhaven)

Middle Layer: Composed of 3-inches of Talalay latex with a much denser ILD (25-29.) Adding this denser foam underneath provides better relief on pressure as well as great support.

Third Layer: Composed of 3-inches of Talalay latex with an ILD of 30-34. When used with the softer side on top, this provides additional support while forming a solid base for when you sleep. However, when the mattress is flipped and the firmer side is used, this provides fantastic push back and gives a firmer support together with the final layer.

Final Layer: Composed of 1.5-inches of Talalay latex. When used with the softer side on top, this serves as the bottom support layer but when flipped, it works as the first comfort layer, offering a much firmer feel.

See more technical details here.

All In the Cover

Zenhaven mattress review - girl on the mattress - zen haven mattress review

Side of the Zenhaven mattress

Aside from the Talalay latex delivering a great cooling capacity, the cover also works wonders. The Zenhaven mattress cover is made from 100% organic cotton. By nature, cotton is breathable so it allows for great air circulation.

Working together with the cotton is the interior lining made from 100% Joma wool. What’s Joma wool, you ask? It’s a natural type of wool known for its temperature control. Essentially, you get a cooling comfort from the cover aside from the latex foam itself. Since the mattress is flippabble, both sides feature the same Joma wool lining on the cover – allowing you to receive that cooling goodness no matter which side you choose. What’s even better is that Joma wool is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial.

In terms of looks, I must say, I dislike the text on Zen, “cotton” “organic”, etc. I wish they keep more classy without these words; other than that, I do love how clean the stitching is and there’s a gold piping running all around the mattress making it slightly striking.

How Does it Perform

As mentioned, you get two sides in one mattress – there’s the soft side and the medium firm side. The soft side is about a 4-5 out of a 10 in terms of firmness while the other side is a more regular firmness between 6-7 on the scale.Zenhaven mattress review, zenhaven, zen haven mattress reviewsZenhaven mattress is flippable for desired firmness levels. (photo credit: Zenhaven website)

The thing is, if you’ve never tried 100% pure latex foam before then you will notice a difference. Sinkage and hug are in the right balance with latex foams. Unlike memory foam, the latex doesn’t give you that pronounced hug to a point where you feel too closed in. What it does is simply mold to the curves of your body without making you feel as if you’ve sunk too low into the mattress. It’s a major plus for those who prefer this type of hug instead of that wraparound sinking feeling.

zenhaven mattress reviews, zenhaven reviews

Zenhaven mattress review

In the case of support, Zenhaven delivers brilliantly. It offers a good amount of push back depending on your sleeping position – keeping sure your spine is aligned. They use a 5-zoned system where parts of the mattress are dedicated to giving more support while certain areas are designed to provide less. This minimizes the pressure points you feel.

Coolness is another thing the mattress excels in. The Zenhaven mattress doesn’t retain heat while the Joma wool in the cover adds to the coolness of the bed by wicking away moisture and keeping the skin cooler at night. Finally, with latex mattresses you can expect some bounce and the Zenhaven completely wins over this part. Luckily, even with enough bounce, the motion transfer is kept minimal. One more thing, don’t use the Zenhaven on a slat frame, it just won’t work and you’ll void the warranty.

ZenHaven Details:

Zenhaven mattress review, Zenhaven reviews, Zehaven review

Price: $1,099 (Twin) to $2,399 (King)
Trial Period: 120 Days
Shipping: Free
Warranty: 20 Years
Made in: USA

*Zenhaven doesn’t offer discounts.
The Final Verdict

So, is the Zenhaven the all-latex mattress you’re looking for? Well, I suggest you buy it if you want a soft or medium firm mattress or simply want the ability to switch between. It’s all 100% latex so perfect if you prefer an all-natural mattress as opposed to synthetic ones. The Zenhaven also offers amazing support and pressure relief thanks to its multiple layers of Talalay and it’s the perfect mattress for sleeping cool. (Also it’s hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and antimicrobial). Above all, it’s ideal for those who prefer a mattress brand with reputation since Zenhaven is the sister company of Saatva. I hope you find my Zenhaven mattress review helpful, please join the conversation below and share your feedback about the mattress.