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How To Choose The Right Pillow For You

Nearly everyone loves a good pillow. Studies show that 64% love using two pillows while 27% are the pillow monsters and prefer three of them at once. Whether you’re a pillow lover or not, let’s face it, pillows are a simple yet fascinating innovation. I will try to give some ideas below about how to choose the right pillow for you:

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Keep on reading, I’ll be explaining how to choose the best pillow for you.

Where it all started…

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Pillows were first used back in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. But instead of soft ones made from feathers or fluff, these were made from strong and hard stone. These weren’t designed for comfort but instead to keep the head elevated from the ground so bugs can’t get to the mouth or nose. Over time, softer pillows started existing. The Romans used it but a lot of the men at that time still looked at soft pillows as a sign of weakness and declined using it. Even King Henry VIII banned the soft pillow except for use by pregnant women. Of course, over time, the comfort and benefits of a soft pillow became more apparent. (Interesting stuff right?)

The Wonderful Benefits of a Good Pillow

Best reviewed pillows online - three best pillows - 3 best pillows - girl on the mattress.pngThey’re often overlooked but pillows are just as important as picking the right mattress or bed for you. A pillow’s ultimate purpose is to provide proper alignment and support between your head, spine and body while you sleep. If a pillow is too thin or too thick for the sleeper, this can result in neck, back and shoulder pain when you wake up. (Arrghh)

If that’s the case, how to pick the right pillow for you?

Picking the Perfect Pillow For You

1. Know the Materials

Not all the details, but check this most popular type of materials and most important details about them. Which one makes more sense for you?

Down pillows are the most comfortable and supportive pillows you can get but they’re also the most expensive! You can also get supportive yet comfortable synthetic pillows that are likely to be cheaper as well.

Memory foam pillows are also on the rise these days. These are firmer and much thicker but are good for support and alignment. They may sleep hot, depending what type of memory foam and also some has an initial smell.

Latex foam pillows are a bit firmer than the memory foam pillows and they have much faster responsiveness. As soon as you take off your head or hand, it will instantly take it’s shape. They tend to resist mold and dust mites and some of them are hypoallergenic and even antibacterial.

Read my 3 top pillow choices here.

2. Think about Your Sleeping Position

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Your sleeping position can have a great effect when it comes to the type of pillow you need. Generally, side sleepers are better off using a thicker pillow, while stomach sleepers need a much thinner pillow to use (almost like no pillow). Back sleepers can use somewhere in between. The most important thing though is getting the neck and spine alignment.

3. Test it Out

This might seem a weird concept to some but just like buying a mattress, pillows also require testing. Sure, people will stare while you practice sleeping on your potential pillow in store but it can be a great help when making your decision. There are also plenty of online bedding and pillow companies that offer trial use these days so take advantage of that. See some of the online bedding companies offering between 30-120 days of trial period till you find the pillow satisfies you.

4. Be Open to Trying Out Other Pillows

As time goes by, your health and comfort requirements might change so don’t be afraid to switch out your old pillow for a new one. Ideally, pillows should be switched out every 18 months or so. This will ensure you get the best kind of comfort and support you need. Aside from that, pillows don’t exactly last forever.