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Labor Day Mattress Sales

If you’re looking to buy a mattress, Labor day mattress sales is another sweet time to follow the deals. Although quality, comfort and durability comes first than the price when it’s a mattress shopping, but if you already know what you want, and if they are in sale, why not now?! 🙂  Online mattress companies are giving huge sales, discounts and pillows, sheets, etc.. Here’s a quick list of great deals that you may like. (Another time to check is, Black Friday)

Check back their sites for more details! Happy shopping 🙂 To see other discounts, including Winkbeds, NestBedding, and more click here. Did I forget any? Write in the comments below! Thanks!

Note: Here’s another mattress company, they have tons of options and I’m not familiar with them, but definitely they have some sales going on, like as usual, check here: Sleepys.com


  Mattress/Review Discount Extras Discount
1  PangeaBed  $100 off one pillow free see the deal ?
2  Leesa  $100 off  – see the deal ?
3  GhostBed  $100 off 2 pillows free see the deal ?
4  Bear Mattress $100 off  – see the deal ?
5  PlushBeds $1200 off (%60 off)  2 pillows + sheets set + mattress protector free see the deal ?
6 Wright Bedding %20 off  – see the deal ?
7 Brooklyn Bedding $50 off  2 pillows + sheets set free see the deal ?
8 Aviya Mattress $100 off  – see the deal ?
9 Brentwood Home %15 off (up to $200)  – see the deal ?
10 Eight Sleep $100 off 2 pillows free see the deal ?
11 Nectar Mattress $125 off 2 pillows free see the deal ?
12 Helix Sleep $100 off  – see the deal ?
13 Novosbed $100 off  – see the deal ?
14 AmoreBeds $150 off  $100 cover upgrade, 2 pillows free see the deal ?

If you don’t know which mattress to invest, check out my mattress reviews or compare mattresses according to your preferences with the comparison tool.