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Leesa Mattress Unboxing Review

Hey guys, this video we’re going to unbox the Leesa mattress. (and dance a bunch of course, as usual 🙂 First of all, if you want to learn more details about the mattress and read my full Leesa mattress review, go here. This blog post, I’ll share some details about the Leesa mattress unboxing:


  • Leesa ships in a box as you can see in the video above.
  • It came in 2 days, pretty fast as they manufacture the bed in the USA.
  • The queen size Leesa I received is 74 LBS.
  • It is easy to unbox and carry around, just watch out to not cut the mattress mistakenly.
  • As soon as you cut the plastic cover, it’s going to uncompress and takes it shapes.
  • They suggest give it a 24 hours to take it a full shape, but you can sleep on it immediately.
  • There is a slight smell with Leesa after it uncompress. For me it was almost gone the next day, and 2 days barely could smell. But it will depend on your nose, if you’re too sensitive, or you can’t air the mattress for a few days, better look other options.
  • First impression is always, beautiful design and cover.
  • If you step on it or jump on it, you’ll also say, it’s soft, and easy to bottom the mattress.
  • If you lay down, you will feel the medium firmness. It push back nicely.
  • Now these are the unboxing feedback, check the full Leesa mattress review for more info.

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