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Pure Parima Sheets Review
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Pure Parima is a new company that sells 100% Egyptian Cotton sheets only online with great return and trial policies, and great prices compared to similar products.

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  • Elegant and stylish design and look
  • Superb quality, durable, soft, smooth and gentle
  • 100% Egyptian Cotton with CEA certification
  • Many colors and designs
  • Amazing price – directly from PureParima.com with discount

Not So Great

Pure Parima Sheets Review

When it comes to sleep, each of us has our own recipe for a good night’s sleep. While some of us have our own rituals before going to bed (ie. drinking tea, reading a book, listening to music, or taking a hot bath), others also believe that there are necessary things that make up an ideal sleep – wearing the right pajamas, having the right room temperature, lying on a well-constructed mattress, hugging your favorite pillow, and many more. As delightful as this may sound, we are too caught up in the busyness of everyday life that we tend to overlook the important things like having quality sleep. If you come to think of it, it’s good to invest in things that can help improve your well-being, things that will help you sleep well and help you feel energized and refreshed when you wake up in the morning. Now that you’ve chosen the right mattress for you, let’s talk about sheets. Specifically we’ll cover the Pure Parima Sheets reviews today.

Today, we’ll be focusing on a new company that focuses on a different level of comfort and quality when it comes to sheets – Pure Parima. While other brands promise sheets and duvet covers that are said to be made from “high quality” materials, unfortunately, not all of them deliver the standards that are expected of them. For instance, many brands claim that their products contain 100% Egyptian cotton, although, in fact, their sheets and covers are made from various types of cotton blended with just a small percent of Egyptian cotton. This actually propelled the people behind the family-owned business, Pure Parima, to start their own brand.

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It comes in this branded recycled box

What’s with Egyptian cotton, anyway? Well, for those of you who are not familiar with why Egyptian cotton is so special, let me explain it to you quickly. Any sheets and blankets expert knows that fabrics that are made from Egyptian-grown cotton (Certified Egyptian Cotton is actually only grown in the Nile River Valley (which is some of the most fertile soil in the world), which is known to be finer, softer, and has extra-long fibers as compared to other types of cotton. And because it is longer, the best cotton in the world is able to produce thinner fibers, blessing the consumers with a higher thread count. Egyptian cotton is also hand-picked rather than machine-picked, so the process doesn’t put any strain on the fibers, ensuring the purity and durability of the material. So you now know why Pure Parima Sheets can be extra special too – they are made from 100% Egyptian cotton!

How are we sure that Pure Parima products are actually made from 100% Egyptian cotton? It’s easy – you just need to look for the Cotton Egypt Association logo! Pure Parima is one of the few companies that are CEA-certified, so don’t be misled by other brands.

We all know that most of the time, premium quality means a higher price tag, which is also evident in the prices of Pure Parima sheets. But are sheets made from 100% Egyptian cotton really worth it? We are about to find out.

Packaging and Design – Pure Parima Sheets Review

The Pure Parima sheet set will arrive at your doorstep packed in a recyclable card box and inside a classy and elegant white box. Its packaging is very simple yet super chic, and it is really nice that you can reuse it as a stylish organizer. Inside the box awaits the neatly-organized sheets tucked inside a cotton bag embroidered with the company logo.

Pure Parima Sheets Review, Pure Parima Reviews, Parima Sheets, Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Inside the card box, this little very nice box is waiting for you with a handwritten note. It’s all branded. Very nice.

The package contains one (1) fitted sheet, one (1) flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. On the sheets and pillowcases, you’ll find the brand label side by side with the Cotton Egypt Association logo and the accredited gold seal number. The sheets are available in various sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King and Split King. The twin size sheets come with 1 pillowcase.

A note on packaging, when I received my package I thought, wow, such a beautiful box, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t adore receiving a gift like this. You open the box, and inside the softest looking sheets. How to make someone feel special – buy them these sheets!!

Performance – Pure Parima Sheets Review

As expected, the feel of the Pure Parima sheets touching your skin is a feeling like no other. I don’t think I have felt a piece of fabric this soft and buttery as these sheets made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Even at first glance, the sheets look like they are something special, and when you examine them closely, you’ll notice the difference in the material and the details.

Pure Parima Sheets Review, Pure Parima Reviews, Parima Sheets, Egyptian Cotton Sheets3

I picked the ivory color, and it’s just beautiful…

Only thing I found that my sheet fitted my mattress a bit too loose. I’m not sure, though, if it stays the same after washing them. There might be a little shrinkage as expected in other materials, I’ll keep you updated on that. Update! Yes, after 1 wash, the sheets now fit perfectly!!!

Other Details

Price: Starts from $150
Shipping: Free shipping
Free Trial: 100 nights with free returns
Discount: 10% off discount

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Verdict – Pure Parima Sheets Review

No doubt, Pure Parima sheets are one of the best fabrics you’ll ever feel. They are very soft, very comfortable, and they are gentle and cool to the touch. It might not be the most affordable sheets on the market, but it is definitely one of the best things to invest in when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Aside from getting the highest quality with its material, Pure Parima sheets also offer the comfort and relaxation that we don’t normally perceive and experience with other brands. If you are someone who is willing to invest in a comfortable night’s sleep, then I highly recommend Pure Parima Sheets for you.


– What kind of bed sheets are the best?

For cool sleeping experience, Egyptian cotton, bamboo, Tencel fabrics are the best. For softness silk, sateen, Egyptian cotton, bamboo or Tencel sheets are the best. For crisp feeling, parcel fabrics would be the best.

– What is the best thread count for sheets?

The ideal best thread count is 400. If you hear a 1000+ thread count be aware, simply it doesn’t make much sense, it explained here very well. And besides, if it’s 600 etc, the fabric gets heavier and therefor sleeps hot.

– Is Egyptian cotton the best?

Egyptian cotton is considered one of the best due to its length, strength, and softness. Be aware of the percentage of the Egyptian cotton used, and from which part of Egyptian soils. E.g some companies use 10% Egyptian cotton and market it as an Egyptian cotton sheet. Similarly, it could be just a random company from Egypt selling sheets bought from China. Checking the CEA certification is very important for authenticity.



You can call them 609-917-7755 Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST or message through their contact form.