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Layla Mattress
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Layla mattress is an innovative, flippable mattress that comes in a box. Both sides are slightly soft, so if you’re sleeping on your side, and need a lot of body contouring you’ll enjoy this mattress.

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Layla Mattress Review

The Layla Mattress is a cool, spunky mattress determined to stand out from the competition. And going by looks alone, she seems to be making an impression. Keep reading my Layla mattress review to find out if it’s a good mattress for you.


First of all, excuse me but I have to share this song.. I grow up with it.. la la la.. layla 🙂 I think a big part why I think Layla is a very classy mattress is this lovely song! :p

Layla’s claim to fame is that it’s the first ever double-sided copper infused memory foam mattress to hit the market. You might be scratching your head on why that’s a big deal but the thing is, copper is a special product that helps to relieve joints and keeps the mattress very cool with the advantages of still having a memory foam.

Breaking Down the Layers:

The Layla mattress is on a league of its own for targeting sleepers who wants options of firmness after purchasing the mattress and wants to keep it  very cool. Each layer of the mattress is designed to cover the needs of these sleepers and built in such a way to ensure durability and quality.

Top Layer: Composed of 3-inches of high-density memory foam infused with copper. This serves as the primary comfort layer and comes into contact with your body. It keeps the mattress cool and claims it helps with joint relieving.

Middle Layer: Contains 6-inches of convoluted type foam. Convoluted foam is uniquely designed to help dissipate heat. This layer forms the core or base of the mattress.

Bottom Layer: Composed of 1-inch thick memory foam. It’s the same as the first layer but not as thick. It still provides pressure and pain relief when you use this side of the mattress.

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The Details:

Price: Twin ($499) to California King ($999)
Shipping: Free Shipping
Trial Period: 120 Days
Warranty: Lifetime
Made in: United States
Discount: $50 off with code

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All in the Cover

Layla mattress cover is a thermogel 3D effect cover that keeps you cool all night. The first impression counts. When I unboxed the mattress, I thought “wow, this one is unique”, I think they wanted to go for durability and coolness with this cover. What they do state is it’s topped with a Thermogel finish, which is impressive. Thermogel helps dispel heat and lets you stay cool much faster. When you lie down, you immediately feel that coolness.

Aesthetically, the cover looks sophisticated and chic. It has an embossed 3D effect in a greyish tone perfect for modern or contemporary rooms. Oh, Layla! She’s beautiful ladies and gentlemen.

How Does It Perform?

It’s normal to be cautious of specialty mattresses but the thing is the Layla mattress is more than suitable for ordinary folks like you and me. Even if you don’t need the extra pressure relief, there’s something incredible about coming home from a long day at work to retire in a bed you know won’t give you a hard time sleeping – the Layla does that.

Aside from pressure relief and improving blood circulation because of the copper-infused foam, the Layla mattress is built to accommodate sleepers who like either firm or soft mattresses. Layla mattress adjusts to your different sleeping needs perfectly. When I unboxed the Layla mattress the first time, the top side of the mattress is the soft side, so I didn’t even try to sleep on it because I found it too soft. So, I flipped it to the firm side, which has “medium” level firmness and sailed off into la-la land with ease. I felt quite refreshed the next days waking up on Layla mattress.

To switch between the two firmness options, you just need to unzip the cover and flip the mattress. When you first purchase it, it’s configured with the soft side facing up. It’s a quick process, especially with the twin size Layla I tried with.

Another good point for the Layla is you sleep cool from the onset because of the Thermogel finish on the cover itself and the unique copper infused foam. That’s pretty neat.

Layla Mattress Review Final Verdict: Side Sleepers Dream Bed!

The Layla Mattress is a great bed for those looking for pressure relief from joint pains. While I can’t vouch for its effectiveness in relieving these pains, I can vouch for the Layla in leaving me feeling refreshed and giving me a good night’s sleep (which I got when I flipped it to its firm side, and I’m 125lbs.) Note that the firm side is around 6 out of 10, so it’s medium firm. If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll love the comfort Layla mattress is giving to you. If you like firm mattresses, however, you may find Layla too soft for your needs.

As for the price, it’s already a steal at under $1000 but you can further take off $50 from the price when you use my coupon code. In the end, the Layla is a mattress you would be happy to keep in your bedroom for a long time.