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There are a lot of new online bed-in-a-box companies in the market now and it can get overwhelming when you're going at it alone. To help you make the best possible decision for you, I try out all these beds first and review them for my readers.

The first thing I do is unbox the mattress and record the process. Confession: This is my favorite part! I do this to check out how easy the unboxing process is, see how long the bed takes to decompress (if it comes compressed) and note if there's any smell whatsoever.



After the unboxing, I  check the cover and overall mattress feel: comfort and firmness. Although you need time to get to know a bed, first impressions count! I touch, smell and lay down on every one of them. I call this my "showroom" experience.

In this stage, I do some of my "mattress mini tests". I jump on it to feel the bounciness. I sit and lay down on the edges to check out the perimeter support. And I move, roll and scoot around (very scientific stuff) to see how good it is at absorbing motion transfer.



Now it's time for my favorite activity: sleep. I sleep on each mattress for anywhere from 3-7 nights. This gives me an idea how hot it sleeps, as well as an overall feel for the bed's comfort and support when it comes to different sleeping positions. I'll try them all!

Finally, I review the types of materials used in each mattress. This can tell me a lot about both quality and durability. Taking all this information into account (along with the price), I'll issue a "final verdict" where I ultimately tell you if the mattress is a good value.



1. Just because a mattress has a high score or is expensive doesn't mean it's the best one for you. Your weight, sleep position and other slumbery preferences will define the best mattress for you. Read my reviews according to your choices and see which mattress makes most sense for you. 2. I need your support! I don't get paid for reviewing any of these beds, so all of the reviews here are my honest opinions and are totally unsponsored. If you find value in this site, please use my referral links and keep me on the bed! It won't cost you a dime (in fact you'll usually get a discount coupon), and I'll get a small commission, which is very much appreciated. 3. Whenever I get a new product, like a pillow, sheet, blanket or piece of sleep tech to review, I ask the brand to send me a second pair for you! You can get them for free, in future giveaways or sweepstakes simply by signing up for me email list, or by following me on Instagram or Facebook. I give these goodies away all the time so stay tuned!

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