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Molecule Mattress
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Smell
  • Bounciness
  • Edge Support
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeps Cool
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Molecule mattress is the new all foam mattress that focuses on airflow, coolness, comfort, pressure relief.


  • Contours the body like memory foam but sleeps cool and responsive like latex
  • Amazing for side and back sleepers
  • 12 inches total height


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Molecule Mattress Review

If you’re wondering who’s that handsome guy in the Molecule website (I was!), he’s Tom Brady, one of the high-performance ambassadors who’s in the Team Molecule. Some other names are Russel Wilson, Nastia Luikin, Susan Francia, more athletes and two doctors focusing on optimizing sleep performance and dealing with sleep disorders. Getting curious why Molecule Mattress is considered out of the ordinary? What is the latest technology and materials used to construct such a high-quality mattress? Well, you’ll soon find out! Go on and just continue reading my Molecule Mattress Review.

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Breaking Down The Layers

The Molecule Mattress features three distinct superior quality foam layers that total up to just over 12 inches in height. These layers offer firm support to the body and promote healthy spinal alignment especially for those people suffering from back pains. How? Let me break down the layers:

Top Layer or Comfort Layer – consists of a 3-inch thick MolecularFlo foam. This layer responds to body temperature and provides about seven-times more airflow and cooling than a conventional memory foam, which also allows deep body contouring. The extreme open-cell structure offers constant cooling for comfortable sleeping temperatures.

Second Layer or Support Layer – consists of a 2-inch thick RecoveryFlo layer. This layer has been designed using hexagon perforations and diamond shaped channels that promote in-flow and outflow of air which work to adapt and conform to the unique curves of your body as it delivers maximum targeted support and comfort to your body for a cozy and pleasant slumber by dissipating heat.

Third Layer or Base Layer – which is the thickest and acts as the foundation of the mattress consists of a 7-inch thick CountourFlo layer. This layer also gives the bed its durability and shape. It also offers firm support that fosters healthy spine alignment. Breathable materials promote even more airflow and heat transfer.

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Molecule Mattress Review: All in the Cover

Molecule’s Advanced cover material is soft and actively wicks moisture to help keep things cool throughout the mattress. The cover that is highly elastic, breathable and durable is engineered and designed to provide the sleeper with a cool and pleasant sleep. It is available in white with a look that is simple yet appealing with just a tiny striped pattern with a removable zipper making it easy to clean and maintain.

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How Does It Perform

The Molecule Mattress is a comfortable mattress that will help you sleep while you’re recovering your body to its freshness. It has a firmness level of 5 to 6, with 10 being the firmest. This medium level mattress would feel medium soft to some depending on their body weight. If you’re a lightweight sleeper, you’ll feel it’s a medium level firmness and find it easy to sleep on all positions especially your back and side. The more body weight you have, you’ll find the mattress medium soft close to 5, however, you’ll still get the body contouring and support if you’re sleeping on your side and sometimes on your back.

Compared to other foam mattresses, the Molecule Mattress performs about average in as far as Motion Transfer and Sinkage are concerned. You can feel minimal motion transfer during small movements and increases a little too much during large movements, so if you have a partner beside you in bed, movements like coming in and out of bed wouldn’t go unnoticed.

Does it sleep hot? Not at all. Molecule mattress has been designed using the latest technology as well as superior quality materials and foam layers to offer overall comfort and cool sleeping experience. You will love it if you tend to sleep hot.

Molecule Mattress offers a long lasting, comfortable and high durability since it has been constructed using superior quality foam layers and the latest innovations. It also offers 100-night risk-free trial and can be returned with a full refund if not fully satisfied with the product. Just email them and they will help arrange a return. Molecule mattress believes in the quality and durability of their product, that is why the mattress is backed up with a limited lifetime warranty that is only valid for the original purchaser of the mattress and is not transferable when the mattress is sold or gifted further.

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The Details

Price: Starts at $1,099 (Twin) to $1,999 (CalKing)
Shipping: Free. Shipped and handled by FedEx, delivered within 7 days
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Made in: USA
Discount: 20% OFF with code

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Molecule Mattress Review: The Final Verdict

Molecule Mattress is one of the coolest foam mattresses that offer a balanced level of support and comfort while feeling soft at the top but firmer in the middle. This mattress is on the soft side and is ideal for back sleepers and mostly for side sleepers of small to medium size who will appreciate the contouring, cooling and pressure relief it offers. Those with larger and heavier built might find themselves sinking in easily, but still, it delivers on its promise of not just a temperature-regulated sleep but a comfortable quality one as well. It is a bit pricey but you’re getting what you pay for; overall, the Molecule Mattress is highly recommended for people who are looking for a new mattress with high comfortability and cooling relief throughout the night. Don’t we all long for that?



– How are Molecule Mattresses packaged and delivered?
This mattress is delivered to you in a “shrinkwrapped” cardboard box. The packaging can be easily opened with a pair of scissors. Once out of the packaging, the mattress quickly expands to its full size.

– Does my mattress need to air out before use?
No – in fact, Molecule’s manufacturing process features Variable Pressure Foaming. This eco-friendly, virtually emissions-free process scrubs air through carbon filters in an air-sealed chamber to eliminate off-gassing. Their non-toxic, water-based construction glue sometimes emits a slight scent, which will dissipate within 24 hours.

– Should I use a mattress cover or pad?
It’s optional, but they recommend it if you are concerned about stains or damage, which can void your warranty. Please note that standard mattress covers or pads may affect airflow.

– Does Molecule sell any accessories to go with the mattress?
Yes they do sell sheets as well.



Molecule offers email, phone or live chat on their website. You can call them on +1 833-365-REST (+1 833-365-7378), email at support@onmolecule.com.





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