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Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress
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Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress Review

In the world of foam mattresses, the Alexander Hybrid Mattress stands out by offering a pocketed coil construction instead of an all-foam one. Promising universal comfort, beauty, and luxury, does the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid mattress live up to its promise? Let’s find out in my Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress Review!

Breaking Down the Layers

Giving you 13-inches worth of height, the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid is composed of 4 different structured layers. This includes the cover along with 2 foam layers. There’s also the pocketed coil layer.

nest alexander hybrid mattress reviewTop Layer – This is composed of 2-inches of quilted cover. With a nice design and construction, it is created to allow airflow giving you a cool night’s sleep. It also works by helping to relieve the pressure points of your body.

Second Layer – Providing beautiful comfort and great cooling, this second layer is made up of 2-inches of gel memory foam infused with copper. Copper works great as a conductor. It keeps body heat away while maintaining the surface temperature of the sleeping surface. The infused gel layer also has a function in luring away the heat.

Third Layer – Serving as the support layer, this is made up of 2-inches of SmartFlow foam. This layer gives you support while also improves the cooling factor of the bed.

Final Layer – Made up of 7- inches of pocketed coils. This works as a support foundation for the rest of the bed. The coil construction provides excellent compression as well as great a push back to the rest of the layers. This results in comfort and excellent bounce when you sleep.

Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress Review: All in the Cover

What’s unique about this particular cover is that it also works in dissipating the heat from the body, allowing you comfort and coolness when you sleep. It’s made from a combination of polyester (20%) and rayon (80%) while polyurethane foam is slipped in there for pressure relief.

In terms of looks, Alexander Hybrid has this elegant, sleek aesthetic. The cover itself has a lovely leafy, floral pattern woven at the top. Around the perimeter, you get a beautiful dark blue edge. This offers a traditional yet modern elegance to the cover.

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Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress Review: All About the Details

Great bounce – Yes, your first thought with a pocketed coil mattress is that it would have excellent bounce. Initially, I was hesitant since the same coils were buried under several inches of foam and serve as the bottom layer instead of say, the middle layer. Luckily, the bounce was pronounced. It felt great and bounce is always awesome for many activities 🙂

Minimal motion transfer – It is present but it’s not as bad as other mattresses. In fact, it’s quite minimal so unless you move around excessively while you sleep, you won’t have to worry about disturbing your partner.

Excellent edge support – If there’s one thing you can count on with this mattress, it’s the edge support. There is hardly any difference if I lie down in the middle or sit at the side of the mattress. It holds up pretty well thanks to the strategically placed support coils.

Good balance – You might think that a mattress has to have one major standout quality to impress but not the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid. In fact, its major quality is the fact it achieves such a good balance between offering comfort, pressure relief, bounce and excellent cooling.

Pricing and Shipping – Shipping is free if you’re in the US and because they’re a small company compared to other big brands, your orders often get to you really fast. There’s a warranty of 20 years LIFETIME for the mattress along with a trial period of 101 nights. Prices start at $799 for a Twin size and run to $1499 for a King size mattress.

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For those who don’t know, this is actually a new version of the Alexander Hybrid. The older version was softer and used a different style coil system. This 2016 version is new and improved. It’s a bit firmer compared to the original but it’s in keeping with what most people find agreeable. They also used a different style of pocketed coil system providing the fantastic edge support you now get.

Nest Love Bed Firmness Levels

Areas for Improvement and Complaints

No firmness option Although the reason Nest updated the Alexander Hybrid is to adapt to a more general firmness option, I still would prefer it if they offered various firmness options for different types of sleepers. The Alexander Hybrid mattress is still only available in one firmness setting. (Now, it has medium and luxury firm, two different level of firmness)

Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress Review: Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a comfortable bed that will suit both you and your partner without much fuss, then the Alexander Hybrid Mattress by Nest Bedding could be what you need. Despite the single firmness level, it offers a great balance between comfort, coolness, support, body hug, and bounce. Speaking of bounce, you’ll find this mattress offers the perfect kind. It’s perfect for a good night’s sleep along with various bedroom activities with your partner.