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Nest Love Bed Mattress
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Nest Love Bed Mattress Review

Organic? Check. All natural? Check. Non-Toxic? Definitely, check! That’s what you get when you purchase your own Nest Love Bed mattress. Keep on reading for my Nest Love Bed Mattress Review.

Nest Love is not available anymore. Instead, they have an updated mattress with a new name, check out here: Love & Sleep

It’s okay if you’re skeptical. Almost everyone (including me) thought that the “all organic” brand was just a marketing ploy. But as it turns out, my skepticism was unfounded. And honestly, the company surprised me with their mattress.

So, does the Nest Love Bed mattress live up to the “all natural” hype or does it fail miserably?

Breaking Down the Layers

Talk about getting back to the basics! The Nest Love mattress is only made up of 2 foam layers. Luckily, these two layers are more than enough to give you what you need.

Top Layer – 3-inch thick latex foam. If you love cooling, comfort, and responsiveness, take it from me; you need a latex foam bed in your life. There’s another reason you might want one: All this comfort, bounce and push-back is perfect for sex. Now you know why they call this the “love bed.”

Bottom Layer – 6-inch thick convoluted support foam. What exactly is convoluted foam? That’s the first question I asked myself. Basically, the convoluted foam is foam crafted with column-like structures. The foam teeth hold up the above mattress. With this design, Nest Bedding has created a support mattress that provides a cooling factor while preventing the lower part from collapsing on you, even with excessive movement.

Nest Love Bed Mattress Review: All in the Cover

When they say the Nest Love mattress is all-organic, the company means it, even right down to the cover.

Made from breathable quilted polyester and bamboo, the cover helps wick away moisture from your body. It keeps your sleep nice and cool with no traces of heating whatsoever. The cover is great to the touch since it has a slightly toothy texture to it. And it’s not thick or thin either.

The best part is that inside of the top cover, you get a 1.5 inch thick piece of soft visco foam. That plump look on top of the bed acts like a pillow and makes you want to just jump right in (with or without your partner.) This top portion is absolutely soft and great for folks who demand comfort above all else. It adds a bit of height to the piece too creating a whopping height of 11 inches for the mattress. Visually, it just looks divine! The cover is mostly white and comes with 100% side mesh panels. Overall, you get a subtle but elegant look.

(This foam top pillow is not available when you purchase the firm version of the mattress.)

All About the Nest Love Mattress

No Funky Smell – For the first time since I started reviewing mattresses, this is the first one I’ve encountered that has none of that funky new mattress smell. Seriously. I was expecting this to have one but it didn’t! Maybe it’s all those organic materials used in the construction. Well, whatever it is, I like it!

Nest Love Bed Firmness Levels, Nest Love Bed Mattress Review

Firmness Options – The Nest Love mattress provides firmness options to the ordinary buyer. You can pick from three firmness levels depending on your preference. For this review, I went with the medium firmness, which is about the middle point in the firmness levels. There are also the soft and firm levels.

All Natural and Organic – Here’s the big clincher for me. Even though it seems gimmicky labeling anything as all organic, you get only the best product with the Nest Love mattress. It’s perfect for those who are eco-conscious and serves as a viable option to those who just want an amazing mattress in their bedroom.

Great Bounce (minus the springy feel) – I loved this part of the mattress. It provided excellent bounce without the odd spring poking through my back. And yes, it is enjoyable for the kinky stuff with the partner. Just sayin’. After all, apart from sleeping, it is what the mattress is mostly made for. 😉

No Motion Transfer or Noise – Equipped with the right bounce and spring, you would be forgiven to think you’d suffer from motion transfer issues with this mattress. But honestly, it’s non-existent with this one.

Comfort Guarantee – While the company offers the standard affair of free shipping in the US, 100-day trial period along with 100% refund, they also offer a comfort guarantee. This means that within 365 days and you find yourself still not comfortable with your Nest Love mattress, you can exchange it for another Nest Bedding mattress of your choosing. Plus, there’s a 10-year warranty thrown in for good measure. I think that’s a pretty generous offer.

Areas for Improvement and Complaints

No Hug – This is very minor and I’m only adding this because it might be an issue for some. Personally, I do like my mattresses with just a little hug  So, having a good hug minus the sinking feeling is something I do like. If you like plushy huggy mattress, the latex foam in the mattress won’t give you as much give as you want.

Edge Support – If I could ask Nest Bedding to improve on one thing with the Nest Love mattress, it would be this. The sinkage around the edges goes down to 4-5 inches, depending on your weight. Why this matters is because, for sleeping purposes, the bed is excellent. But for sex, the edge can be quite useful. And having it sink down this low (especially if you’re not using a bed frame) is just too awkward and troublesome. (If you want that ultimate edge support, great bounce check out this and that hybrid mattresses)

Nest Love Bed Mattress Review: Final Verdict

Should you get the Nest Love Bed mattress or should you not? That is the ultimate question!

If you ask me, and bounce and firmness option is what you want, then you’ll love this mattress. The company already offers a good risk free purchase with their trial period and comfort guarantees, so diving right in shouldn’t stop. Meanwhile, the entire mattress is all-organic which is a fantastic bonus and alternative to those looking for something well made while eco-friendly.

And finally, if you bought the mattress for lovemaking since it’s specifically built for that (at least most people will say so), then you will be happy. It’s got the bounce of a spring bed minus the squeaky noise. So there’s that. Grab the mattress. Try it out. 😉

What Others Say:

I think this mattress is very comfortable – much better than Sleep Number!
I wouldn’t rate it as well as the TempurPedic, but it is as close as you can get. If you compare the price, it is an excellent buy and I highly recommend it. The customer service is excellent and you can’t beat the warranty.
Betty Z.

Nest Love Bed User

This bed is perfect in every way. Perfect balance of firm and soft. Does not have the sinking in feeling at all. Has good bounce. Used directly a European style slat bed-frame and that added to the springy feel. It has all of the pros of a traditional bed and none of the cons. Setup was easy and fast. It arrived to my new home before any of my furniture, my first night of sleep was my new mattress on the kitchen floor and it was one of the best nights of sleep I have had. My nagging back and knee problems have gradually gone away over the last 5 weeks. My insomnia has reduced greatly, to the point that I only have to take a melatonin supplement before bed and I’m good to go.

I never post reviews but felt obligated to endorse this product. I bought a queen love bed and two King size easy breather pillows and it is an amazing combo, enough that I don’t even miss my old king size double pillow top mattress that was nearly triple the cost of a love bed. On a side note the customer service is amazing too, there was a mix up with my pillowcases and mattress covers and it was fixed so quickly it didn’t even matter. Cheers to NEST for making such a great line of products.

Aaron M.

Nest Love Bed User