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Nuvanna Matttress Review
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Nuvanna Mattress Review

Nuvanna is one of the newest companies to join the growing market of online mattresses. But they’re promising something different, apart from offering their mattresses at a reasonable price, they also promise to merge the advanced world of mattress technology in their products to ensure sleepers get only the very best. The founder is a material scientist with decades of experience in mattress and bedding industry which explains why the mattress is designed very nicely. Let’s dive into the details in my Nuvanna mattress review below:

Breaking Down the Layers

There are three major layers composing the Nuvanna mattress.

First Layer: 2 inches of an adaptive hybrid foam containing phase change gel material for optimum contour and comfort while keeping the mattress cool for uninterrupted sleep. It works by helping eliminate painful pressure points in the body and ensuring your body is supported to promote a good night’s sleep.

Second Layer: This middle layer is the 2 inches of open cell memory foam layer for its capacity to absorb any excess motion while providing great contour. It is responsive enough to make for comfortable sleeping but localizes motion transfer for a truly restorative sleep.

Third Layer: Noted as the Foundation Layer, this foam layer helps to provide additional support while preventing that sinking feeling from happening. It works by counterbalancing the pressure of the weight placed on the mattress so you get that comfortable hug feeling without the quicksand.

All in the Cover

Made from premium TENCEL fabric, expect the Nuvanna Mattress cover to be completely top notch. TENCEL is a revolutionary, soft, eco-friendly material that absorbs moisture and prevents bacteria growth. Nuvanna is proud to say that they add no chemical additives on the product and that the cover is better than linen when it comes to cooling performance.

As for looks, you get a two tone shade with stitched patterns all around. The top and bottom are all white while there’s a gray band and the logo emblazoned at the bottom. The mattress is both chic and stylish making it a great addition to any modern bedroom.

How Does it Perform?

For performance, despite being relatively new, the Nuvanna Mattress is pretty awesome. Their unique foam construction and technologically advanced foam layers add to the comfort, support as well as the overall coolness of mattress.

When we talk about the performance, Nuvanna impresses. Sleep on it and it feels like someone hugging you nicely. In terms of firmness, you get a medium feel. It comes only with one firmness level. I think side sleepers would LOVE this mattress but if you’re not a heavy back or stomach sleeper, it would make you happy in bed as well. On top of that, there’s minimal motion transfer when you sleep with a partner. Definitely, there is some bounciness, not like a spring mattress, but also not sinking in feeling like a classic memory foam.

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Nuvanna Details:

Nuvanna Mattress Review
Price: Starts at $550 (Twin) to $950 (King)
Shipping: Free
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Warranty: 10 Years
Made in: USA
Discounts: $125 off with code

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 Nuvanna Mattress Review: The Final Verdict

Despite being new in the market, Nuvanna is pretty much-doing everything right. First-time customers rave about excellent customer service and delivery. And when it comes to the mattress, it’s really a fantastic deal. For the price, you get pure comfort, great support, and compression as well as fantastic cooling. It’s one of those mattresses that make you wonder why you didn’t buy it sooner. Even though they’re a new company, there’s no doubt their future products and possibly other future mattresses are worth watching out for, just like this one.