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Sapira Mattress
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Sapira mattress is the beautiful Leesa’s sister mattress, it’s a much more advanced and again, beautiful mattress. Comfort, bounce, support, a well balanced hybrid mattress.

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Sapira Mattress Review – The Ultimate Hybrid Mattress?

If you love the Leesa Mattress or heard good things about it, you might want to check out its sister, the Sapira! The Sapira Mattress is the latest offering from the company and promises to be the ultimate hybrid mattress of your dreams. Want to find out if it lives up to its promise? Let’s dive in and dissect it in my Sapira mattress review, shall we?

Breaking Down the Layers

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Built using five different layers, the Sapira mattress is unlike many other mattresses out there. The five layers form 11-inches worth of thick foam and individually wrapped coils geared towards comfort and support.

Top Layer: Composed of 1.5-inches worth of high-density foam. This is positioned and created to offer both cooling and comfort from the moment you hit the mattress. It provides a quick response and the poly-foam eliminates heat to ensure coolness.

Second Layer: Composed of 1.5 inches of memory foam. With the memory foam directly underneath the performance foam, sleepers get the needed comfort and contour once they hit the mattress.

Third Layer: 1-inch of transitional poly foam. Although this is thinner, its main job is to ensure a smooth transfer from the upper layers down to the bottom layers.

Fourth layer: 6- inches worth of supportive pocketed coils. Surprise! This isn’t foam. This layer offers plenty of bounce as well as great support for the upper layers. It’s specially created to ensure that even the edges provide the same amazing support as the middle of the mattress.

Bottom Layer: 1-inch of base layer poly foam. The base foam is there to ensure your pocketed coils don’t directly interact with the floor or base. It also offers a foundation for the rest of the layers.

All in the Cover

First, the cover is made from a poly-lycra blend, giving it a stretchy and breathable feel while also ensuring it’s soft and comfortable. The second thing to note is that it’s cut from one huge fabric so it covers the entire mattress. This type of cut creates a unique and pleasing aesthetic, making you want to jump onto the mattress right away.

There are gray bands running across the mattress and a beautiful quilted diamond stitching – adding to its appeal.

How Does It Perform?

Now, the Sapira Mattress comes with a great built and it looks great but how does it perform? When I tested it out, I must say I enjoyed it. The mattress provides a middle firmness overall. And the feeling and comfort gets better after a day or so.

The memory foam layer works great in providing contour while the foundation layers give you push back so you don’t get that trapped feeling. The amount of sinkage and pressure is enough to give your critical points support without making you feel uncomfortable.

What’s even better is that this type of support is evenly distributed throughout the mattress. Even if you’re an edge sleeper, you won’t have to worry. Unlike Leesa, the Sapira mattress can also accommodate up to 350 pounds of weight so for heavy sleepers, this is great news. Motion transfer for the bed is minimal but it is there. It’s not enough to wake the other person up when you move but you can notice it.

Complaints and Improvements

The Sapira mattress is great with everything we talked about. One thing I’d change about the mattress is:

When you touch the side of the mattress, you can actually feel the micro coil springs. You may not even feel it, but I did touch with a purpose to feel how it is, and if you sit on the edge, and put your feet on the side, you’ll feel it too.

Not a big deal at all, but I’d cover the sides with foams, a thicker cover or something else and make that feeling of hardness gone.

Sapira Details:

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Price: Starts at $975 (Twin) to $1175 (King)
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Shipping: Free shipping *White glove $99
Warranty: 10 Years
Made in: USA
Discount: $200 off with code

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The Final Verdict:

Designed and marketed as a luxury mattress, The Sapira Mattress does have its unique qualities. In terms of performance, it provides support and comfort while looking amazing to boot! The mattress offers a medium firmness, ensuring all your critical points are well supported while you sleep. The memory foam layers provides enough contour while the pocketed coil layers give you push back that’s necessary so you don’t get lost in all that foam. Expect durability, comfort, performance, bounce, support and cooling with the Sapira. The best part is that you get this all for a price that won’t break your pocket. Pretty good value if you ask me.