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Spindle Mattress
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Smell
  • Bounciness
  • Edge Support
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Company
  • Price/Value


Oh there it is an all natural latex mattress with an organic cotton cover. If you love latex feeling, and you’re going to enjoy Spindle for long time!


  • All natural latex in every layer
  • Great contouring, pressure relief and support
  • Great for customizing the firmness, since you put the layers together
  • Great price for the quality – $1,282 directly from spindle.com


  • Not great edge support
  • Setting up the mattress takes a bit time

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 Spindle Mattress Review

With the online mattress world expanding, there’s always a new and promising player in town. Today, I’m featuring the Spindle Mattress, 100% natural latex mattress. This new company deserves some applause for being very transparent in the mattress business, as they explain everything completely, no surprises! They are borne out of frustration that the online mattress world was raking up super high prices but delivering poor quality, and they hope to change that with their mattress. Currently they are the least expensive all natural latex mattress on the mattress, however, the quality is a top notch. Let’s see how their mattress manages to live up to their claims in my detailed Spindle mattress review below:

Breaking Down the Layers of Spindle Mattress

Currently, Spindle has only one mattress in their roster; the mattress is a pure latex mattress composed of 10-inches worth of foam. You’ll find three layers of all natural latex mattress in different firmness levels inside the mattress: medium and firm. You’ll receive different firmness levels, according to whatever firmness you ordered. I received one firm, two medium layers, because I wanted a medium level mattress. (Check their site to see how the adjustment and customization works)

Spindle Mattress Review - All natural latex foam mattress - girl on the mattress

Spindle mattress review – latex layers

Note that when you receive the Spindle mattress, you will need to do a bit of assembly. It’s fairly straightforward though. You will get three different foam layers plus the quilted cover. What’s unique about the mattress is that you can literally rearrange the order of the foam layers and get the perfect firmness level you’re after. Each of the boxes will tell you how many pounds and which firmness level of layer is inside them, pretty easy to figure it out.

Each foam layer is 3-inches thick while the 1-inch quilted cover completes the entire thing.

All in the Covers

Speaking of the cover, you will get the 1-inch quilted top cover to help hold the rest of your foam layers. This cover is made using natural wool and organic cotton, giving you that cooling comfort that’s crucial when you hit the mattress. The wool also acts as a natural fire barrier and wicks away moisture. Spindle mattress cover is a sturdy one with a zipper, so it’s removable, however, you can’t wash it.

spindle mattress review - spindle latex mattress review, girl on the mattress, cover, reviews

Spindle mattress review, cover

In terms of looks, the mattress cover includes a creamy color cover with quilted detail patterns all around. It has a nice classic look.

How Does it Perform?

In terms of performance, it would depend on how you set up your Spindle mattress. Remember, the mattress feel can be customized depending on how you arrange the foam layers. You can get either a soft or firm level delivering a unique feel when you sleep. I chose to go for a medium firmness and it felt relaxing. It felt comfortable and supportive on all sides, side, back and front.

If you never slept on a ALL latex mattress before, I definitely suggest you a visit to a store to give it a try (note: try an all natural latex mattress, feeling would be similar, if you like it, Spindle will be similar without an expensive price tag). If you did sleep on a memory foam mattress before, here’s some comparisons.

  • Spindle mattress is buoyant so you don’t sink in like in some memory foams.
  • Spindle mattress sleeps cooler compare to the memory foams.
  • You’ll get a good bounce with the Spindle, while getting minimal motion transfer.
  • Spindle will last much longer because of their high quality natural latex.
  • Heads up, regards to firmness, Spindle will never be super soft or super firm.
  • Edge of the mattress is typical to any foam, not is not very supportive, if you’re looking for a hard edge mattress.
Spindle Mattress Review

The Details

Prices: $899 (Twin), $1349 (Queen)
Trial Period: Up to a year (details below)
Warranty: 10 Years
Shipping: Free within the US
Discount: 5% OFF with code

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The Final Verdict

Overall, the Spindle Mattress is a great value. It’s made from 100% natural latex and you rarely, if at all, find mattresses like that in this price. In fact, if you compare it with other pure organic latex brands, they’re usually above the $2000 mark. In terms of performance, you get all the perks of a wonderful latex mattress. It has support, coolness and comfort. There’s minimal motion transfer and amazing bounce. And now, with their 365 days trial, and free returns it’s even better!!!