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Winkbeds Memorylux Mattress Review
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WinkBeds is a high-end hybrid mattress and is one of the nicest beds that I have reviewed. Gravitylux is their newest mattress built with premium materials and features an above-average profile of about 11 inches.



  • For short term usage, it’s pricey

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Winkbeds Gravitylux Mattress Review

If you are a sleep-products-aficionado, then you surely have heard about Winkbeds mattresses. At some point in our mattress shopping (or window shopping), we all most likely dreamt of owning one of these premium, luxurious Winkbeds mattresses.

All Winkbeds mattresses are handmade with craftsmanship and precision at their factory in Wisconsin, making them one of the most trusted brands in the USA. The company’s main goal is to offer high quality, upscale, innovative, and durable mattresses, which is evident in their current mattress models. And it doesn’t actually come as a shock that the Gravitylux mattress is equally sturdy and plush. Although the original Winkbeds mattresses are comprised of coils, they specifically designed the Winkbeds 11-inch tall Gravitylux model as an all-foam mattress, which is available in three firmness levels – soft, medium, and firm.


Gel Memory Foam

The first layer of the mattress is the cooling gel foam, which is specifically and strategically placed beneath the cover and above the other foams to give you a cooler feeling and eliminate as much body heat as possible. Memory foams are known to be less breathable than other types of foams, this cool gel memory foam regulates temperature for a more comfortable and restful sleep.

AirCell Memory Foam

Just under the gel memory foam layer is a new type of memory foam called AirCell. The three-inch patented AirCell memory foam is more breathable than traditional memory foams that are well-known to sleep hot. The AirCell presents a state-of-the-art technology that won’t trap heat and would provide better airflow. Although sinkage is expected, it still provides pretty good edge support.

Zoned Progression Foam

The third layer of the Winkbeds Gravitylux mattress is a three-inch zoned progression foam, that is softer for the head, shoulders, and feet, and firmer on the center to serve as a more compacted support for your back and hips.

Atlas Core Foam

Located at the lowermost part of the mattress is the Atlas Core foam. It is a high-density foam blend that gives a robust and sturdy foundation to brace and hold up the whole mattress.


Blanketing the different types of foams that make up the Winkbeds Gravitylux mattress is the Tencel fabric top cover. Tencel fabric, which is extracted from Eucalyptus, is expected to provide a cool sensation when you sleep. It’s definitely one of my favorite blend and cover for a mattress. It’s soft and breathable. Swathing the gel memory foam, this counterbalances the warmth that memory foams can exude during hot days.


The Gravitylux mattress that I tried was a medium version and pretty dense compare to many other foam mattresses. I appreciate that Winkbeds went to great lengths to make sure to utilize the benefits of memory foams but at the same time, introduce new technology and features to tone down or even reverse memory foams’ weakest point like heat retention. Given that is made of all foams, I did notice that it actually regulates temperature. I didn’t feel hot or irritable when I sleep, which adds to a more relaxed and comfortable sleep.

The edge support is not that remarkable as it says it is, but it is pretty okay for a memory foam mattress. Moreover, it performs well with regards to motion isolation, so it can be a good mattress for couples. However, if you prefer more bounce to your mattress, which can be obtained in coil mattresses, then the Memorylux mattress might not be able to provide it for you.


My sleep experience with the Winkbeds Gravitylux mattress was overall incredible. Although I am quite sure that most people would still prefer pocket coil springs over all-foam mattresses, I still think that it is worth a try because it won’t disappoint. Memory foams are obviously not for everyone, but with its zoned progression foam, it pitches in to be able to accommodate all types of sleepers. It really gives good support for the back and hips, which most sleepers can truly be thankful for.

Although Winkbeds is known to sell luxury mattresses that are more on the expensive side, the Gravitylux is relatively more affordable than most of their models. So if you are on board with trying out all-foam mattresses, then Gravitylux is indeed a good investment because of its durability, support, and comfort. I hope my Winkbeds Gravitylux mattress review has been helpful in your research.

Other Details:

Price: Starts at $799 (Twin) to $1,499 (CalKing)
Shipping: Free. Shipped and delivered within 7-14 business days
Trial Period: 120 Nights
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Height: 13″
Weight: 120 LBS
Made in: USA
Buy: Queen $1,299 (discount is included)
Discount: $300 OFF with the code

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WINKBEDS requests you contact them via phone 1-855-946-5233 or you can also email at info@winkbeds.com




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