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7 Mattress Types for Your Sleepy Head

Searching for the perfect mattress can be a big headache. With a market that’s booming with up-and-coming brands from both online and traditional shops, picking the right mattress to use is daunting. If you’re in this same situation, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled seven of the most common mattress types you’ll find in the market today. Some of them are good, others not so but there’s definitely one out there fit for you!

Mattress Types

Check the list to see which one suits you most.

Futon Mattresses

Let’s start with the most basic, futon! Those who have travelled to Japan might be familiar with this type of mattress. Futon is basically a thin and lightweight mattress that can be transformed or folded easily. Some of these are designed to become a sofa when not in use.

You’ll Love This Mattress If…

1. You have limited space.

2. You want something light and easy to store.

3. You need something temporary.

4. You don’t want to pay for expensive mattresses.

5. You like versatility and function.

You’ll Hate This Mattress If…

1. You want a mattress that provides great support. It’s not suitable for anyone who is on the heavier side since the mattress almost always thin. You’ll only get a poking feeling as your back sinks and hits the floor. That won’t make for a fantastic night’s sleep.

Water Mattresses

Water mattresses were all the rage especially back in the 80s. They were fun and delightful to sleep on. Water mattresses are great for anyone who loves the feeling of sleeping on the water at night. If you can sleep soundly on a waterbed in the pool, then you’ll adore this type of bed.

You’ll Love This Mattress If…

1. You love that buoyant feeling when you sleep.

2. You want something with bounce and some fun.

3. You love mattresses that are unique and unconventional.

4. You want a mattress that sleeps cool all the time.

You’ll Hate This Mattress If…

1. You are acutely sensitive to movement in the bed.

2. You love moving your mattress around. This is heavy so it’s best to just place it in one spot permanently.

3. You have a lot of sharp objects in your room. Since it’s filled with water, if it leaks then prepare to have a mess in your hands!

Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrids are relatively new innovations in the mattress world. These are mattresses composed of two or more different mattress types. One example of a hybrid mattress is the Winkbed. Open it up and you’ll find a coil on coil innerspring for a nice bounce along with high quality foam for support and stability.

You’ll Love This Mattress If…

1. You like getting the best of both worlds. It’s basically two for one bed; you get the benefit of one type of material along with the other.

2. You like the idea of customization. A few online mattress companies like Helix, lets you customize hybrid mattresses depending on your needs.

You’ll Hate This Mattress If…

1. You don’t like having to spend too much. Hybrid mattresses can be a bit pricey compared to just all-foam mattresses.

Air Mattresses

Raise your hands if your first encounter with the air mattress was on the Home Shopping Network? Airbeds and mattresses were a thing a while back. So many people were excited by how flexible and versatile these are. Others were disappointed.

You’ll Love This Mattress If…

1. You like unusual beds. It actually has a novelty factor attached to it.

2. You like beds you can set up and store in a short time.

3. You want a mattress where you can set the right firmness according to your requirements.

You’ll Hate This Mattress If…

1. You dislike having to keep pumping air every couple of days. I’ve tried this type of mattress before and no matter how sturdy it was built, some air would escape from it once you sleep and it would also lose the desired firmness after a couple of days. The solution was to keep checking and pumping air every couple of days.

2. You don’t like uneven surfaces. Since the pumping is done by hand or by machine, it might take awhile for you to find the right firmness you need.

3. You hate the extra work of using the pump.

4. You want a permanent bed that will last a long time. Most air mattresses aren’t very durable.

Latex Mattresses

One of the more popular options in the market today, a Latex foam mattress caters to the majority of sleepers out there. This type of mattress is popular and can be seen in both online mattress shops as well as local stores.

What makes latex special? Well, for one it offers comfort, coolness and proper support. Here are also several reasons why you would love or hate it.

You’ll Love This Mattress If…

1. You’re sensitive to movement and motion transfer in the bed. With the latex, it’s almost non-existent.

2. You love the idea of being ‘comfortable’ when you sleep. Latex can give you proper comfort and good support.

3. You prefer green and eco-friendly construction.

4. You want a foam mattress without the heavy price tag.

You’ll Hate This Mattress If…

1. You can’t stand that latex smell. It’s essentially plastic so it does have that distinct smell. Luckily, some mattress manufacturers have figured out a way to combat this.

2. You dislike heavy mattresses.

Inner Spring Mattresses

Mattresses with an inner spring have been around for decades. In fact, it was the only kind of mattress available for years before innovation in foam technology bumped it aside.

Inner spring mattresses are very affordable and are always available. Whether you prefer shopping in an actual store or online, you’ll find a great quality mattress for a good deal.

You’ll Love This Mattress If…

1. You want something affordable. They’re quite easy on the pocket. You can find one for a good $200 compared to the $500 minimum of most foam mattresses.

2. You love options. You can find different firmness levels for this mattress.

3. You want something widely available. Walk into a local shop and chances are, they’ll have this type of mattress.

4. You want something familiar and proven. Most people gravitate to inner spring mattresses because it’s the one type of mattress they probably have experience with.

You’ll Hate This Mattress If…

1. You want to receive that extra comfort and support while you sleep. Let’s face it, because of its price and construction, an innerspring won’t give you the proper support you need when you sleep.

2. You hate noise. Some of them can cause noise when you move around.

3. You’re sensitive to movement.

4. You want something slightly disposable. It’s not the most durable type of mattress out there. Once you’ve used it for several months, the springs lose their effectiveness, making for an uncomfortable sleep.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Hugely popular these days, memory foams are like the Holy Grail in the current mattress phenomenon. And there’s a good reason why these are so popular, for one they’re great for support and back pain.

Basically, Memory Foam works by reacting to your body’s pressure and weight when you sleep – conforming and ensuring your comfort. There are also plenty of varieties currently available so there’s always one that suits your needs.

You’ll Love This Mattress If…

1. You yearn for comfort and pressure relief.

2. You want a bed that adjusts according to your body’s sleeping pressure.

3. You need something firmer or want foam with several options.

4. You prefer something without any motion transfer.

5. You like a mattress that’s widely available online or offline.

You’ll Hate This Mattress If…

1. You don’t like spending more for a mattress. It can be expensive.

2. You are sensitive to smells. This one requires off gassing.

3. You don’t want a bed that can retain heat. Although newer versions are less likely to retain heat, thicker and older ones can and will.

There you have it! These seven mattresses each have its own unique benefits and drawbacks so make sure to pick one that matches your taste. Please write in the comments below, which one is your favorite 🙂