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Bedface Sheets
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BedFace Sheets Review

If you’ve found yourself on the Bedface website, you might have read their little tagline about being “the best damn sheets on the Internet.” That’s a tall claim, so are they? I’m taking a close look on this line of bedsheets to see if they live up to their bold proclamation. Read my full Bedface sheets review below.

Bedface has closed its store. #sadface :(. they were very innovative and made cool sheets. Hope they come back or something!.

Who is BedFace?

bedface sheets review, bedface sheets unboxing

The company is fairly new in the world of online bedding but they have big goals. They want to revolutionize the bedding industry, how it’s bought and sold, the quality, the design and color as well as comfort and fantastic prices. They have a unique user friendly website, where you can mix and match the colors of your sheets. They arrive in a cute box with popcorn, and cute stuff. If you’re thinking what gift you should get for your friends, I’d definitely suggest BedFace sheets!


What’s it made of?

The Bedface sheets are made from 100% long staple cotton. Most bedsheets are offered in sets – the most typical includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet along with 2 pillows. But being the rogue company it is, Bedface offers three different sets. You can also mix and match and pick your favorite colors from the 24 options they have on offer. For this review, I went and tested a few mixture of the popular colors, like pink, bright yellow, blue.

bedface sheets review, bedface sheets, bedface

Composed of a slightly thicker material, the sheets and items are designed to become softer after several washes. The duvet cover has buttons to add to a premium feel but also very practical. Meanwhile, the pillows include an envelope closure which helps secure your pillow nicely.

bedface sheets review, bedface sheets, bedface

Now, the crème de la crème is the unique technology they used. They call this the FaceCotton technology. As mentioned, they use long-staple cotton but instead of tighter weaving, they have a thicker yarn and a looser weave which is fantastic for breathability.

I was scrutinizing the stitches and you can tell they paid close attention to it. There’s hardly any loose stitching at all. My personal favorites out of the set are the pillowcases and the fitted sheet which has a snug feel.

Performance and Function

One of the most common complaints about bed sheets is the tendency for shrinkage after just a single wash. The bedface passed this test pretty well. There was minimal shrinkage which is pretty good. I also made an effort to put it through the ringer, washing and drying several times to make sure if holds up to damage. So far, it’s been great. Finally, after washing, I paid close attention whether there were any color run-offs. Good news is that no dyes seeped and sheets and cases kept its color brilliantly.

bedface sheets review, bedface sheets, bedface

In terms of softness, at first glance, the thicker weave makes the sheets look uncomfortable and not soft. But, you need look past the looks and try it out. The sheets have a very soft, comfortable feel – as if you’ve used it for a long time. It’s oddly welcoming. Because of the cotton construction, it kept its cool and didn’t give me a hard time sleeping. The colors are also a great for the active people who’d appreciate some colors in the bedroom.

bedface sheets review, bedface sheets, bedface

Regarding the wrinkles, you might have seen the Bedface in pictures and thought, “wow, it’s so wrinkly.” And yes, it is especially wrinkly if you wash it with hot water instead of the cold water mentioned in the instructions. It will still feel great but of course, if you care about aesthetics, then yes, take note of that.

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The Details

Price: Between $127 – $197 for the sleep set

Final Thoughts

Okay, can I just say, the BedFace sheets are amazing! They’re colorful, funky and even a bit crazy. The great thing is you can mix and match your colors and pick ones that match your favorite team colors or even a particular theme in your bedroom. However, the best part is the comfort you get when you sleep. They’re awesome sheets and I can’t rave enough about it. So if you’re looking for a fantastic sheet, I suggest you look into BedFace. You can use this coupon code to take off a couple of dollars to your purchase. They’re not just great for you but also perfect as presents to friends or family since you can customize the colors. Hope you guys enjoy my Bedface sheets review. What do you think? Please join the conversation below.