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Buying A Mattress Online vs In-Store – Pros & Cons

Shopping for mattresses has never been easier. More and more companies have been sprouting and delivering top-notch quality, making the market even more competitive, not just in pricing but also quality. But of course, when you’re shopping for mattresses, you’re still left with one question – should you buy your mattress online vs in store?

Thanks to the Internet, the idea of buying a mattress is made even simpler. Aside from going to a physical store, you can also purchase one while sitting down at home. But of course, with each method, there are pros and cons. Let’s explore why you should buy online or in-store and see which one you should go for. (Start here if you want to buy your mattress online)

Pros of Buying a Mattress in an Actual Store

Buying your mattress at a store has been a lifelong practice. For those who lived without the Internet, it was the only way to go. Here are a few advantages to visiting an actual shop for your mattress:

Buying A Mattress Online vs In Store

Mattress Firm is a well-known mattress store. Photo credit mattressfirm.com

1. You can see and try the bed right then and there.

The best advantage for buying in a physical shop is you can see and try the mattress right away. You can check the build, support, and aesthetics of the mattress as opposed to shopping online. Online stores do offer trial periods, but you still have to shell out cash first and some people don’t like that.

2. You have a salesperson providing information while you search for the right mattress.

Buying A Mattress Online vs In Store

Sleep’s is also joined the Mattress Firm. Photo credit sleepys.com

If you like getting your questions answered right away, having a good salesperson walking you through is a real advantage. While some online-only mattress companies have great customer service, personal interactions are still a whole new level. Salespeople can help you with the selection process and most are well informed with what makes a great mattress. (Of course, there will be pushy and not knowledgeable sale people too, just run away from them).

3. There’s a physical shop you can visit if you need help with customer service.

After buying the mattress, you have a shop you can visit to ask for help if something goes wrong. For instance, you want to exchange a mattress protector, pillow, beddings etc. It’s much easier as opposed to waiting for a response online.

Cons of Buying a Mattress In Store:

There are a few advantages to buying in store but these can also be seen as disadvantages for some people.

  • buying mattress online vs in store

    Pushy sale people could be a disadvantage of buying a mattress from a store.

    For one, a lot of people are uncomfortable at lying down on a mattress store.

  • Second, just lying down on a mattress for a few minutes wouldn’t give the correct idea of how the sleeping experience would be with the mattress.
  • People who aren’t good negotiators might be pushed into buying by aggressive salespeople and they could end up getting the expensive mattress instead of the one that fits their budget and needs.
  • Some people don’t have the time to go mattress shopping.
  • Aside from that, it can be overwhelming to be inside a mattress store with so many choices.

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Pros of Buying a Mattress Online

For most people today, buying everything online has become part of their routine. And yes, there are fantastic advantages to purchasing things online including your next mattress. Some of these advantages include:

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There is a lot of new online-only mattress companies. At Girlonthemattress.com I test and review those mattresses to help you get the showroom experience.

1.  You get a lot of choices.

Mattress brands that are otherwise unavailable to most people can be purchased online. There are two types of online mattress companies you can buy from. First, there are those who sell different brands in one place. The second is brand specific mattress stores like Leesa, Nest Bedding, Saatva and so many others that sell their own brands in their own online mattress store.


Buying A Mattress Online vs In Store

Online mattress brands are called also as mattress in a box model mattresses, comes compressed in a box, for easy delivery and setup.

2. Mattresses are usually cheaper online

Because they don’t have a physical shop to maintain, most online exclusive mattress brands can sell their product for a more affordable price. It’s also the same for online shops that compile different brands under their wing. Because they have a good number of brands, they are competing for customer choice and oftentimes price would be a factor.

3. You can do comparisons (price, quality, reviews etc.) without the hassle of going out of your house.

This is likely the most convenient part of shopping for your mattress online. You can compare prices right away, find the best deals and compare the quality of the mattresses just using your fingertips.

Cons of Buying a Mattress Online

  • You don’t get to try out the mattress first. However, this only holds true for big store equivalents of online companies. For brands that run their own shop online, they offer anywhere from 75-365 night trials where you can purchase, test and return the mattress if it’s not to your satisfaction. Many of these companies
    Buying A Mattress Online vs In Store

    Helix is one of the innovative online-only mattress company, they let you customize your mattress in their website, firmness, responsiveness, coolness and more.

    also, donate your returned mattresses to charities.

  • Another disadvantage of buying a mattress online could be the hassle of returning the mattress. Is it one click no question asked return, or will they create problems? The reputable online mattress companies make it hassle-free, but some of the new companies try to persuade you to keep it. Read my mattress reviews to see which companies are trustable to buy from.

Final Verdict:

So, should you buy your mattress online vs in store? Buying in-store does have its benefits. If you must visit a local shop, I suggest you go online and do a comparison so you can narrow down your choice before heading out to the store. This way, you’ll suffer less frustration since you already know what you want and an idea on the price point.

However, in the end, if you compare it with online shopping for your mattress, online shopping is still better. You get less frustration since you can shop and compare prices, reviews and details with ease. The arena for online mattresses has become much more competitive so the deals are even better. From longer trial nights, great warranty, free shipping, cheaper prices, and even fantastic quality construction – you get all of this without worry. The best part? You can find plenty of discount coupons including ones offered here at Girl On The Mattress. Happy Mattress Hunting!

Please join the conversation below, what do you think about your buying mattress online vs in store? Share your experiences.