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Carl Reiner’s Secret

Hey everyone, yes I’m watching #Conan right now, there is this guy, I watched him on movies before, learned his name is Carl Reiner, so I can tell you about it.. Good stuff is coming.. I searched in Google, some interviews even said it’s Carl Reiner’s Secret on being healthy and 94 years old!

He goes to bed, and before sleeping, he stretches!!! Everyday, he does simple stretch exercises, and he’s 94, next week 95 years old, and I bet it helps him to sleep like a baby with his white sleepwear 😀 and also, he has a fit health body. I’m sure he has other secrets as well, probably he wrote them in his book. But for sure stretching is one big one!

Oh, I am reading Tim Ferris’s new book, Titan’s Tool, it mentions the same thing, how important the stretching and many of us, although we work out, we don’t have the habit of stretching.

So I’m going to start stretching on the mattress like as simple as Carl Reiner does.. And hope you do! I know it won’t hurt any of us, and it can help, it will help!!!!!! 🙂

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Note: I think he does the morning stretches, when he wakes up.. Sounds great! How about we do it morning and night? 🙂