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Pure Parima Duvet Cover Review
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The Pure Parima Duvet is made from durable and long lasting 100% Egyptian Cotton. It’s soft, cool, and comfortable to use. Even better, it’s easy to clean so you don’t need to worry about spills or dirt.


· Those who want soft sheets
· Those who wants a durable, long lasting duvet
· Perfect for anyone who wants to try Egyptian Cotton
· Those who wants a neat and clean look with hidden zippers
· Those who like their duvet secured in place with ties in all four corners
· Those who want easy cleanup

Not So Great

· Those who want more sizing options in a larger variety of colors
· Those who want a lighter and thinner fabric
· Those who don’t like wrinkling

Pure Parima Duvet Cover Review

With over 90% of linens and duvets marked Egyptian Cotton linen actually being fake, it’s sometimes hard to know whether you’re getting the real deal or not.

Parima Ijaz felt this frustration and decided to shake up the industry by offering authentic Egyptian cotton sheets. This endeavor became Pure Parima.

The company is one of the few certified by the Cotton Egypt Association for using 100% Egyptian cotton in their products.

Offering the best Egyptian cotton sheets, duvets, and coverlet sets, there’s a good selection you can choose from. Let’s check out these duvet covers and find out if they are truly a marvel in this Pure Parima Duvet Cover Review.

Pure Parima Duvet Cover Review - I'm Speechless! 2024

What are Pure Parima Sheets, Duvet Covers, and Coverlets crafted from?

Their products are made from certified 100% extra-long staple Giza Egyptian cotton. Sourced from the fertile Nile River Valley, the company even offers a certification ensuring their cotton is authentic.

Even better, unlike machine-processed cotton, Egyptian cotton is handpicked so there’s minimal stress on the fibers. This handpicking method results in long strands of cotton which, in turn, creates a more supple and smoother feel of fabric.

Their sheets and duvet covers are made with either a Sateen weave or a Percale weave. Here’s a quick rundown of the difference between the two:

· Percale Weave – These fabrics are lightweight and provide coolness and breathability. They’re designed to be used during summer or in warmer months. It’s weaved in a distinct pattern, where one thread is weaved on top of another then under. This results in a tight texture that is durable and often easy to use all year round. It has a matte finish and a crisp feel, just like you would feel in a men’s dress shirt.

· Sateen Weave – Unlike the percale weave, a sateen weave is created using four threads over one thread. Because of this, it creates a silky, smooth, and luminous sheen. These are more wrinkle-resistant and designed to be thicker, hence, it’s often used during colder months or winter.

Pure Parima Duvet Covers feature a luxurious 350 to 700-thread count, depending on which one you choose. This ensures the sheets are smooth to the touch. Even more, the Percale sheets are single-stitched so you get that beautiful finish.

Pure Parima Duvet Cover Review - I'm Speechless! 2024

How Does the Pure Parima Duvet Cover Feel?

Before getting into how it feels, let’s talk about looks first. I got the Yalda Icy Blue Duvet Cover set and it looks AMAZING – it looks gorgeous!!!! . The light cool-toned bluish tinge is subtle but has an air of elegance to it. The Yalda Duvet Cover Set comes with a stylish double-hem stitch, and has 2.15-inch mitered flanges on both the shams and the duvet cover.

For the feel, the Yalda duvet cover has a sateen finish so it’s more silky compared to crisp. There’s a stunning lustrous sheen. Meanwhile, the slightly heavier weight gives the duvet cover a lovely drape. Of course, with the weight and draping, it can get a little warm.

Pure Parima Duvet Cover Review - I'm Speechless! 2024

The Details

Price: Starts at $225 (For a Queen Duvet Cover Set)
Shipping: Free within the United States, $65 for Economy shipping to Canada
Trial Period: 100 night trial
Returns: Accepts 100% refunds within the trial period
Sizes: Available in all sizes (select colors)
Colors: Large variety
Made in Pakistan

Pure Parima Duvet Cover Performance Breakdown

Pure Parima Duvet Cover Review - I'm Speechless! 2024


Known for comfort, these duvet covers and sheets are absolutely silky and smooth. The sateen weave creates an amazing soft touch so it feels tactile and wonderful. Over time, the more you wash the sheets, the softer it gets.

Sleeps Cool

A Pure Parima duvet cover and sheets are naturally breathable owing to the Egyptian cotton material. While a sateen weave is slightly thicker, it does help to wick away moisture as well.

Closure and Fasteners

There’s a hidden zipper and closure to give everything a neat look. The duvet cover has duvet ties on all four corners to securely hold your duvet insert in place.


Because this is made from Egyptian Cotton, it’s guaranteed to last a long time. Egyptian cotton is tough and can withstand several years of usage without breaking apart.


Super easy to clean. These are durable sheets which can be spot cleaned first before dropping them in the wash in cold water and dry using low heat. Don’t use any harsh chemicals or detergents though to ensure the sheets live a long life.

Pure Parima Duvet Cover Review - I'm Speechless! 2024

The Final Verdict:

If you want a long lasting, fantastic quality duvet cover, you can’t go wrong with the Pure Parima Duvet Cover sets. The certified Egyptian cotton linen ensures it’s going to last a long time. In addition, it’s OEKO-TEX 100 certified so there are no harsh chemicals at all.

What’s more, the sateen weave is perfect for that chic luster while allowing for a fantastic drape when it goes over the bed.

Since Pure Parima products are OEKO-Tex certified, they are all-natural and free of artificial anti-wrinkling chemicals so one minor gripe is they have a tendency to wrinkle but it’s nothing extreme. Overall, it’s absolutely divine to use. It’s cool, comfy, and smooth. On top of that, for the best Egyptian Cotton sheets, you can grab it for a fairly reasonable price.

I hope you find this Pure Parima Duvet Cover review helpful, don’t forget to save by using my links to purchase your most beautiful next duvet covers.


Get in Touch with Pure Parima

You can reach Pure Parima via email at info@pureparima.com. You may also use the contact form on their website for any customer questions or questions. For phone, you can reach them at 609-917-7755.

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Is Pure Parima legit?

Yes, the company has been a trusted brand offering silky soft, quality, and authentic Egyptian cotton linens.

Is Egyptian cotton better than 100% cotton?

In many ways, yes, Egyptian cotton is more durable, smoother, and softer compared to regular cotton. Unlike regular cotton, this one is handpicked so the fibers created are straighter, longer, and softer.

How can you tell if Egyptian cotton is real?

The only way you can definitively tell if Egyptian cotton is real is via a DNA certification. Some companies provide certifications to prove their products are real. However, not all companies test their products to find out if what they have is authentic.