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Casper vs Saatva Mattress Comparison Review: Before You Buy

It’s a battle of the best in this Casper vs. Saatva mattress comparison review. Both these brands are known for offering beautiful, solid, and high-quality mattresses. They’ve both earned praises for their construction and performance, allowing plenty of sleepers to enjoy a fantastic night’s sleep!

While similar, these two mattresses are marked by distinct differences. So, I’ve created this Casper vs Saatva mattress comparison review so you can judge for yourself which mattress suits you best.

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Detailed Comparison of Casper vs Saatva Mattress:

Casper vs Saatva Mattress Comparison Review


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Top Cover

Casper: Aesthetically, the cover features a two-tone shade with the top in white while the sides are in grey. The top cover is thin, porous material that offers breathability but also snags easily. The sides are sturdier and can handle rough handling.

Saatva: The cover is well-made and features 100% organic cotton. The added pillow top option is soft and allows for great softness. As for looks, the quilted design is pleasing and makes for a luxurious touch.

Foam Layers

The basic Casper mattress is made up of three foam layers, totaling to 10 inches. First layer is 1.5 inch latex; second layer is 1.5 inch of memory foam; final layer is 7 inches of high-density support foam.
Aside from 14.5 inches, the mattress is also available in 11.5-inch thickness. Top layer is euro style pillow using organic cotton; second layer is 1 inch thick memory foam, third layer is a 4-inch layer of foam encased coil; fourth layer is a 7 inch thick foam encased support coil; then finally an encased foam serving as edge support for the mattress.


Casper mattress provides medium firmness, ranging from a 6 out of 10 on the scale. This would depend on the body weight.
Saatva is available in three firmness options. There’s Plush Soft, Luxury Firm and Firm. Plush soft is a 3 out of 10, Luxury Firm is a middle firm of 6 out of 10; and Saatva Firm is about an 8 out of 10.

Body Support

Good body support with pronounced hug and contour but not to the same extreme as you would feel with memory foam.
Saatva provides good body support and push back thanks to the coil on coil layers and foam.

Motion Transfer

The Casper mattress features motion transfer because of the foam construction.
Saatva offers minimal motion transfer for the mattress while providing good bounce


Casper Prices:

Twin size  : $695
Full size    : $995
Queen size: $1095
King/cal    : $1495

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Saatva Prices:

Twin size  : $887
Full size    : $1495
Queen size: $1595
King/Cal    : $1995

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Trial Period

Casper offers 100-day trial period. This risk free trial lets you return the product within 100 days in case you’re not happy.

Saatva offers a 180-day risk-free trial period.


With Casper, you get a 10-year warranty with the product.

Saatva offers a generous 15-year warranty period.

Shipping Period

Casper: Free shipping is offered for those in the United States and Canada. It comes compressed in a box.

Saatva has a $99 delivery fee with free white-glove service. 


Small items can be dropped up in any of their returns center. For mattresses, you can contact Casper directly at +1 888-498-0003 or support@casper.com to arrange for a return and process a refund as long as the item is in donatable condition and is covered with the trial period.

Saatva accepts returns within the trial period and will provide a refund less the delivery fee. 

Comparison of Casper vs Saatva Mattress Specs

Top Cover: Two-tone cover featuring white and blue colorway. Top is made from thin polyester so it’s breathable. Made from 100% organic cotton, very soft and comfortable
Foam Layer Number: 3 4
Foam Layer: Features 3 layers of foam; top layer is 1.5 inches of latex foam; second layer is 1.5 inches of memory foam; third layer is 7.0 inches of foundation/support foam Top layer is euro style pillow; 1 inch thick memory foam; 4 inch layer of foam encased coil; 7 inch layer of foam encased support coil; edge support system
Firmness: Provides medium firmness (6 out of 10) for all around sleepers Available in three firmness levels: Plush Soft (3.5 out of 10); Luxury Firm (6 out of 10) and Saatva (8.5 out of 10)
Body Support: Good, more pronounced hug; designed for even weight distribution, sleeps cool (450 lbs weight limit) Good support; less hug yet comfortable; sleeps cool
Motion Transfer: Minimal with good bounce Minimal
Price: $695 – $1495 $887 -$1995
Trial Period: 100 Days Free Trial 180 Days Free Trial
Warranty: 10 Years 15 Years
Shipping Cost: Free within US/Canada, 1-5 days, compressed in a box Free
Returns: Accepted within trial period Accepted within trial period