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Propel Hybrid Mattress Review
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With a flippable design, the Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid mattress gives sleepers the best of both worlds. One side caters to those who want a Soft-Medium mattress while the other side is made for those who require a Firm mattress.

The mattress is designed to offer great pressure relief, fantastic edge support, and minimal motion disturbance. Even better, it uses unique fabric technology to keep sleepers cool and comfortable at night.


• Sleepers on a budget
• Those who want options on their mattress
• Those who want good edge support and bounce
• Side sleepers under 230 lbs.

Not So Great

• Sleepers who hate flippable designs
• Those who don’t like bouncier mattresses
• Heavier sleepers or firm mattress lovers

Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid Mattress Review – The Newest Flippable Mattress in Town!

With the success of mattresses like the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid, it’s safe to say Brooklyn Bedding has been dominating the market by delivering its fair share of quality mattresses. Their latest addition comes from their Propel line, the Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid mattress.

This unique addition is a flippable hybrid mattress composed of foam and coils to offer a great night’s rest to different types of sleepers.

In this Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid mattress review, I’ll be taking a look at the mattress performance, construction, and pricing of the mattress to see if this latest addition lives up to the hype.

Propel Hybrid Mattress Review 2

Breaking Down the Layers

The Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid mattress offers a 13-inch profile. One side of the mattress is designated as the “soft side” while the reverse portion is designated as the “firm side” of the mattress.

Firm Side

First Layer: A 1-inch thick CopperFlex Foam. Provides comfort and conforms to the shape and body of the sleeper. This layer helps with temperature control too, allowing for a restful night’s sleep.

Second Layer: A 2-inch thick High-Density Foam. Helps offer support, providing better alignment and posture regardless of sleeping position. The sturdier construction allows for breathability while providing less cradle than the softer side.

Soft Side

First Layer: A 2-inch thick CopperFlex Foam. This offers “cloud-like comfort” according to the company and provides an immediate response to the body. It’s also perfect for keeping the mattress cool when you sleep.

Second Layer: A 2-inch thick Energex Foam. This layer is designed to provide amazing pressure relief.

Support Layer for Both Sides: A 6-inch thick layer of individually-encased Ascension coils. These are designed to relieve pressure while also minimizing the motion transfer on the mattress.

Propel Hybrid Mattress Review

All in the Cover

For the cover, the Propel Hybrid mattress uses a unique material called, Upcycle. This is a mineral-infused material that takes body heat and transforms them into Far Infrared Rays. These rays are great for promoting natural recovery during sleep. It’s also said to improve blood circulation while keeping the surface area cool.

What’s more, it’s also soft and comfortable. It covers the entirety of the mattress so you get the same coverage regardless of which side you choose to use.

How Does It Perform

Propel Dual Sided Hybrid Mattress Review

Credit: Propel Sleep

The Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid mattress is made for anyone who likes to have options when they sleep. Some people might prefer a soft to medium firmness level while others might like a firm mattress. Having this option in one mattress makes it easy since you don’t have to buy a different one.

As expected, both sides do have different performance results depending on what you’re after.

In general, both sides of the mattress have fantastic motion isolation. This makes it ideal for couples or those who sleep with a partner. Both sides also showcase similar results when it comes to providing ease of movement while in bed as well as temperature control. There’s no tendency to sleep hot in this mattress at all since the materials used are designed to draw away heat from the body.

When it comes to pressure relief though, the softer side scores higher because it offers more contouring support as opposed to the firmer side.

Moreover, side sleepers will feel comfortable on this mattress. The softer side is especially great for side sleepers who are under 200 pounds. Back and stomach sleepers and heavier side sleepers will benefit more from the firmer side since they would require more core support. It also prevents sinkage.

The Details:

Price: Starts at $749 (Twin) – $1,574 (King)
Shipping: Free Shipping
Trial Period: 120-night sleep trial
Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
Made in Arizona, USA

Mattress Performance Breakdown – Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid Mattress

Propel Dual Sided Hybrid Mattress

Credit: Propel Sleep

Comfort and Pressure Relief

Both sides offer good comfort and pressure relief. However, the softer side has a slight advantage because it gives the body some hug, ensuring all pressure points are cradled perfectly.


The Soft side of the mattress has a soft – medium firmness level, about a 4-5 out of 10, while the Firm side of the mattress scores a 6 out of 10. So if you’re expecting a really FIRM mattress, this is not it! You’ll have a soft and medium feeling two sides.

Smell or Off-Gassing

A good portion of the Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid mattress is made from foam so it’s expected there will be some off-gassing. This goes away after a few hours even a day or two, so it’s not a problem.


The bounciness and ease of movement on this mattress are great. It’s not over the top so as to disturb your partner when you move but it’s not stiff either that you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a wood plank.

Edge Support

Edge support is oaky on both sides, but the firmer side does have an advantage. There’s no risk of rolling off even when you end up sleeping near the edge.

Motion Transfer

Both sides also perform great with motion isolation. While the pocketed coils might make you think it will move a lot, it’s the opposite since the coils can move independently of each other. Plus, the foam layers do a great job of isolating motion.

Sleeps Cool

Temperature regulation is another good thing about this mattress. While the softer side can get warmer compared to the firmer side owing to the hug the soft foam layer offers, it’s not enough to bother your sleep unless you’re hypersensitive.

The Final Verdict

The Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid mattress is definitely a great mattress for those who want a soft and medium firm option in one mattress. Its flippable design and great price point make this a winner for any type of sleeper out there.

Read my review on the original Propel Sleep mattress, to see how it matches against this mattress.



Is Propel a good mattress brand?

Yes, the Propel brand is actually under Brooklyn Bedding – a reliable mattress company that’s been offering bed-in-the-box mattresses since 2008.

Can you flip the Brooklyn Bedding Propel mattress?

Brooklyn Bedding offers several mattresses including the Propel Dual-Sided Hybrid. However, not all of the mattresses on their line are flippable so always check first.

What if I don’t like my Propel mattress?

Propel has a fantastic trial period as well as a return/refunds process. You can contact them to let them know how you feel and kickstart the return/refund process from there.


Get in Touch with Propel

Propel requests you contact them via phone at 1 – 888 – 210 – 8751 or reach out to them via email at support@brooklynbedding.com

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