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Leesa Blanket
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Leesa Blanket Review

Want a blanket perfect for keeping you warm when it’s cold outside? This could be the blanket for you – meet, the Leesa Blanket! You might be more familiar with the Leesa for their mattresses and indeed, they do create lovely ones. (Read my full Leesa mattress review or Sapira mattress review here.) But, they also offer other products like this blanket. I’ve always wanted to test out if their quality is as good as the mattress they’ve made so let’s dive in and check my Leesa blanket review below.


Leesa blankets are crafted from the following: 17% viscose, 13% nylon and 70% polyester. If you’re familiar with the Leesa mattress, the blanket features a very similar look and feel to the mattress cover.

Quality and Build:

I was looking through the corners of the blanket and couldn’t find a loose stitch anywhere. It’s definitely well made just like their mattress and the stitching’s along with the materials used is of top-notch quality.

Looks and Feel:

Aesthetically, the mattress has a very classic /modern look. It has a greyish shade with white stripes running on it. For the sides, it includes whipstitch edging to prevent fraying and promote durability even if it’s used everyday.

Performance and Comfort:

leesa blanket reviewNow, for all of its looks and build, does the Leesa Blanket perform as expected? Well, for starters, I liked the fact that it didn’t have any extreme shrinkage. Even though it’s made from polyester, there’s usually a minimal amount of shrinkage for most fabrics. With the Leesa, there’s 1.3% shrinkage – nothing to be worried about though since that’s within the parameter. I also didn’t notice any damage to the stitching or material after putting it into the ringer of wash and dry cycles.

In terms of comfort, the blanket is created to be double sided so you can use it on any side. I have to admit, even though the mattress was comfortable, the blanket wasn’t as cozy as I expected. However, it does work great in keeping you warm when it’s cold but at the same time it provides enough breathability for use during warmer days.

 Leesa Blanket Review: The Final Verdict

The Leesa Blanket is well made and there’s no doubt it will stand up to years of daily use without any problem. Is it comfortable or cozy enough for you? That depends. Personally, I didn’t find it as cozy as I had hoped but it does perform great as a blanket. Meaning, it will keep you warm when it’s cold and you can still use it even during hotter days because of its breathable fabric choice. Overall, I’d say get it if you want a soft, light and durable blanket from a reputable company. Hope my Leesa blanket review is helpful, please write your review below and join the conversation, if you tried the blanket 🙂