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Nest Bedding Alexander Signature Hybrid Unboxing

Hello hello!! This post is all about the Alexander Signature Hybrid unboxing and the things you need to know about the initial first minutes with it.


– First of all watch this short video I prepared for you. There is some dancing and stretching in it as usual 🙂

– This hybrid mattress is 110 LBS which is pretty heavy comparing to the other mattress in a box models. I suggest you get help if you’re carrying it alone. And I hope you have someone to get help from.. I do move the box myself inside the apartment and it’s doable.

– It didn’t have any smell after initially unpacking Nest Bedding’s hybrid model mattress.

– Hmm.. what else? First impression, as you can see in the video, wow this is an interesting mattress. It feels and looks like a durable mattress with an instant comfort feeling.

– The mattress has handle holders which could be useful if you ever carry it on the sides. For some reason like every other mattress they don’t have handles on the top and bottom of the mattress.

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Hope you enjoyed my Alexander Signature Hybrid unboxing video, maybe share it with your friends? 😉