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Sapira Mattress Unboxing

It was very fun to record this video! But okay, let’s get serious. Quickly:

  • Sapira mattress is very heavy, queen size is 116lbs. (normally other mattresses are 75-95lbs in general)
  • That’s a good thing. The mattress should be more durable for years.
  • And also I’d expect it would carry more heavy people on it easily.
  • Smell, you know the uncompressing smell, I didn’t get with the Sapira. Normally a little bit smell is okay, but I didn’t get any with Sapira.
  • The cover is similar quality and feels to the Leesa.

Anything else you guys would like to know? Did you like the dancing? 🙂 Should I do more or less? (I mean I do dance regardless, but I don’t share it necessarily.) Hope you enjoyed my Sapira mattress unboxing.

Love you, sleep well,