When I was 3 years old and still living in Turkey, I fell from my aunt’s fourth floor balcony all the way to the ground.neslihan-ozdemir

While everybody upstairs thought I had died, I stood up and started crying. As a crowd formed, people quickly realized I had not broken any bones. I didn’t even have any scratches. After that fall, all I heard, year after year, was how lucky I was to be alive. Life moved on and I eventually entered college to study engineering. After I graduated, I moved into my own apartment and landed what I thought was my perfect job with a promising future. Life seemed great; I was kite-surfing, traveling and doing all the things in life that seemed exciting. But then I had an Aha! moment: Yes, I was definitely lucky to be alive and enjoying the rewards of my success, but I asked myself, “Is this all there is??”

So, what was next on the “to-do” list? I had envisioned myself getting married, buying a house, having loads of babies… and so on. But I would always think to myself, “Is this why I was given a second chance? What was my life’s purpose?”

So, I decided to leave my comfort zone, step outside of my bubble and find my true passion. I wanted to embrace something that was rewarding and fulfilling which would ultimately lead me to my purpose in life.

I’m still looking for that purpose and fulfillment. However, through this journey, I’ve been sharing my experiences on my YouTube channels and blogs. Please subscribe to them below and join me 😉

Girl On The Bike

Here, I share all about my life, people I meet and activities I do. I hope you get some inspiration out of it!

Girl On Real Estate

Here, I create virtual tours for beautiful properties in New York City as a part of my real estate interest and business.

Girl On The Mattress

Here, I review mattresses and sleep products and share tips to sleep your best sleep.