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Nectar Mattress
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Smell
  • Bounciness
  • Edge Support
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Company
  • Price/Value


Nectar is a great comfortable option for a memory foam mattress, especially for those who’s looking for an extra support and contouring.


  • 365-night in-home trial and NECTAR’s “forever” warranty
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • High density, comfy, overall a great feeling mattress
  • Great price – only $799 directly from Nectarsleep.com


  • New company

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Nectar Mattress Review – Is the Buzz Real or Hype?

The buzz on Nectar is strong. While a relatively new company, they are gaining momentum with sleep aficionados praising their mattress. Is the buzz real? Let’s find out in this in depth Nectar Mattress Review.

Nectar has acknowledged shipping delays, please check here for further details.

Breaking Down the Layers

Created with a total of 11-inches worth of foam, the Nectar comes with three distinct foam layers and one quilted cover.

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Nectar mattress made me jump like this 😀


nectar mattress review, nectar mattress

Nectar mattress layers. (Nectar mattress review)

Top Layer: Composed of 1-inch of gel memory foam that’s infused with the cover. Designed to pull heat and offer cooling when you sleep.

Second Layer: Composed of 3 – inches of memory foam. Provides contour and support, giving sleepers a good support without the discomfort of the firm base layer.

Third Layer: Composed of 1.75 inches of memory foam. This provides additional support and pressure relief.

Bottom Layer: Composed of 5.25 inches of durable high-density support foam. Serves as a foundational base for the entire mattress.

All in the Cover

The cover for the Nectar mattress is a classic two-tone shade in gray and white. It’s crafted from a combination of Tencel and cotton so you get optimal breathability and comfort.

nectar mattress, nectar mattress review, nectar mattress complaints, nectar reviews copy

Cover is mixed with tencel and cotton. Nectar mattress review

As for looks, the gray and white combination is a classic. There’s a pop of blue trim to give the distinction and the company logo is added on the gray portion. What’s even better though is that the cover fully unzips, allowing for easier cleaning. If in case you just can’t do the cleanup for the cover, you just have to get in touch with the company and they’ll send you a new cover for free! That’s a great option you don’t see anywhere.

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How Does It Perform

In terms of firmness levels, the Nectar is in the medium firm levels at about a 6 – 6.5 out of 10. It’s a well-balanced firmness option to better accommodate the majority of sleepers out there. However, at its core, you’ll realize the Nectar mattress is designed for those who prefer a more solid and classic memory foam mattress. It has strong support, ensuring you get a more pronounced hug and contour around your body. The sinkage embraces around the contours of your body, something unique to memory foam.

nectar, nectar mattress review, nectar mattress, girl on the mattress

Nectar is a very comfy bed!!! (Nectar mattress review)

The response times might be slow but that’s owing to the memory foam. It nevertheless allows for comfort even if you move to different positions throughout the night. The quilted layer of gel foam helps with the cooling and the overall support is pretty good regardless of whether you sleep on your back, sides or stomach.

Nectar Details:

Nectar mattress review, Nectar reviews, nectar review
Price: Starts at $500 (Twin) to $900 (King)
Shipping: Free
Trial Period: 365 Days
Warranty:Lifetime; requires $100 for replacement transportation fee.
Made in: China mostly, some parts from USA
Discount: $125 OFF

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*$399 of FREE Accessories included.

*A note on shipping delays:

As of this writing, Nectar has acknowledged shipping delays for customers ordering their mattresses. The company has stated they are taking measures to rectify the issue and have increased their fulfillment centers. Before ordering, please check Nectar’s website for further details and if your orders will be affected.

The Final Verdict:

Fans of memory foam mattresses would love to have the Nectar. Not only does it give a very traditional memory foam feel, they also have it a great price point and amazing warranty and trial period. The mattress is great for those who want a medium firm mattress with great support and a pronounced hug. Those who want a bit of bounce might want to look elsewhere as it’s almost nonexistent in the nectar, owing to its dense foam construction.

However, if you want a classic memory foam bed with great comfort and all the right support, the Nectar Mattress is a great option. Hope you find my Nectar mattress review helpful, please join the conversation below, did you try sleeping on Nectar, how was it for you?