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Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Mattress Review

With an all-organic craze spreading more and more, it’s not impossible to imagine having a bed that’s all natural – enter the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss. If you’ve ever dreamed of finding the perfect 100% latex mattress of your dreams, then this one might be a strong contender. Let’s check it out in my Plushbeds Botanical Bliss mattress review below:

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Breaking Down the Layers

Unlike other mattresses that offer a combination of latex and non-latex foams or even full non-latex foams with just latex-like qualities, the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is constructed from all natural, 100% latex – from top layer down to the bottom layer. You can choose anywhere from 9 inches to 13 inches depending on your preference. For this review, I am going to cover the 10-inch version of the Botanical Bliss Mattress.

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Top Layer: The first inch of the mattress includes the cover, which is made up of 100% Joma Wool and Organic Cotton. This helps with temperature regulation as well as comfort. Aside from helping with keeping the bed cool, the wool also acts as a fire resistant barrier.

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Second Layer: Composed of 3-inches of 100% Talalay Latex. Offers support and helps in relieving pressure points, this layer is right underneath the cover. It also ensures the mattress to remain cool while offering great bounce.

Bottom Layer: Composed of 6-inches of organic latex from ARPICO. This organic latex is crafted from 100% natural rubber sap and works by providing a sturdy backbone for the Talalay latex. Heavier sleepers will be glad to know that this layer also offers deep compression support so you can sleep comfortably.

All in the Cover

plushbeds mattress reviews, plushbeds botanical bliss mattress review, cover As mentioned, the first layer of the mattress is primarily composed of the cover. The Plushbed Botanical Bliss Mattress has created a 100% organic cotton cover infused with Joma wool. This unique combination creates a cover that remains both plush and soft while maintaining a cool temperature. The entire thing is woven instead of knitted so this means it’ll be wrinkle free. Aside from that, you can stretch it to a certain extent without worrying about it going out of shape. Woven covers are also a tad softer compared to knitted ones.

What’s more, with the wool inside, it’s guaranteed to be hypoallergenic and can help prevent dust mites from forming. In terms of looks, it’s like any other cover. It has a white shade with organic wave-like stitching to add a bit of sophistication and texture to the piece.

How Does it Perform?

plushbeds latex mattress, plushbeds mattress reviews, plushbeds botanical bliss mattress reviewOf course, the thing that really matters is the performance and the PlushBeds Botanical Bliss Mattress has done a great job at highlighting unique latex properties. You can choose from different firmness levels, the medium firm I tested is about a 6 out of 10 on the scale. It has a lovely feel and any latex lover will attest that there’s nothing quite like it. The bounce is just perfect. It’s as close as you can get short of getting an innerspring mattress. Plus, the mattress stays cool throughout, adding comfort while you sleep. For support and contour, the mattress provides just enough without making you feel sucked in. Any pressure points created is beautifully eliminated so you don’t have to worry about sleeping on your sides, back or stomach.

Plushbeds Botanical Bliss Details:

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Price: Starts at $1,499 (Twin) to $2,599 (King)
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Shipping: Free shipping
Warranty: 25 years (This comes with 10 years full replacement and 15 years prorated. They will only replace if there’s 1.5 inches or greater indentation.)
Made in: USA
Discount: $50 off with code

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*$50 discount is already included.

 The Final Verdict

The PlushBeds Botanical Bliss is made for those who love all latex mattresses. It’s well-built using high quality, purely organic materials. In terms of performance, the bed offers great support to help relieve pressure points and delivers promised comfort while keeping you cool at night as you sleep. The best part though is the bounce. It’s simply beautiful. Now, the downside is that it won’t be cheap. Pure latex beds are never cheap but you do get what you pay form with the PlushBed. If you’d like to grab it, use the coupon code above to knock back several dollars from your purchase. Enjoy your PlushBed!