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Go for Foam – Choosing the Best Foam Mattresses for Your Home

Buying a mattress is easier than ever. All you have to do is order it online.

Of course, grabbing something over the Internet has its downsides especially when it comes to something as personal as a mattress. For one, you can’t test it ahead of time. And two, with so many online mattress companies popping up, it’s difficult to find which ones are right for you.

However, never fear! I’m here to the rescue! I’ve compiled a quick list of four of the best foam mattresses online today. So, if you need to figure out which mattress to go for, start by checking out these four.

What Makes These So Special?

The reason why I handpicked these mattresses is they all comply with the basic requirements every type of sleeper needs. They provide wonderful comfort and support. They don’t sleep hot which can be annoying and troublesome. They also hardly have any motion transfer when during use. And finally, they feature great foam density.

Best Memory Foam Mattresses Online

1. Novosbed

Best Foam Mattresses Online -  Finding the Ultimate Foam Mattress for Sleeping Soundly 2024

Novosbed is probably one mattress company you’re familiar with. They’ve been around for years making quality memory foam mattresses and many people swear by their mattresses.

With the Novosbed mattress, you get three different firmness options and the mattresses are made up of 11-inches worth of foam. The first two layers are memory foam while the bottom serves as a support layer. Their aesthetically pleasing cover is crafted from a mix of polyester and acrylic and looks quite chic.

In terms of performance, you can get a specific firmness for your personal choice. I tested the medium-firm version and it offers lots of support with a firm feeling. Be warned, if you’re new to memory foam, this mattress has a distinctive feel. When you first lie down, wait a few seconds for the foam to conform to your body. Once it does, your entire body will get great support and pressure relief.

For my full thoughts on the Novosbed, check out my in-depth review of the Novosbed mattress.


Price: Starts at $799 (Twin) to $1199 (King/Cal King)
Trial Period: 120 Nights
Warranty: 15 Years
Shipping: Free, ships within 24 hours
Made in the United States

This isn’t for you if:

• You hate that memory foam feel.
• You like to sink into your mattress when you sleep.
• You don’t plan on owning one mattress for a long time.

2. Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress Reviews - Girl on the mattress

Aimed at those with an active lifestyle, the Bear Mattress is getting known as the athlete’s mattress. But it’s more than. Athlete or not, it’s making a name for itself as one of the best foam mattresses you can buy online.

The Bear mattress is made up of three foam layers totaling 10 inches. The first is a gel-infused memory foam to help with cooling while the middle layer is responsive memory foam, giving great support.

Designed to provide good support for a restful sleep, it also has an average bounce which is unique because of its foam composition. It’s a highly responsive mattress too, accommodating most sleepers’ position especially if they like to toss and turn at night. Finally, the cover (a polyester and Celliant variety) and the foam ensure a cool surface and prevent heat retention.


Price: Starts at $650 (Twin) to $950 (King/Cal King)
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Warranty: 10 Years
Shipping: Free shipping and returns
Made in the United States

This isn’t for you if:

• You don’t like the all-foam feel.
• You don’t like a highly responsive foam mattress.
• You don’t have an active lifestyle, and a recovering body.

3. Wright (Luxury Option)


For those looking for a higher-end option, the Wright Mattress is one of the best out there. It’s a relatively new company but they’ve done something unique with their mattresses (and I don’t mean just raising the price.)

Wright mattresses are made up of 11-inch thick memory foam with different densities. Each density is designed to accommodate the sleeper as well as to give the mattress a solid construction. In terms of the feel, the Wright is on the firm side of a medium.

You’ll need to break into it a bit but once you’re settled, it provides great support and alignment. The bounce isn’t as pronounced as latex but it’s there. When it comes to comfort, the mattress is similar to top-quality Tempurpedic mattresses, ensuring you are comfortable, receive support and pressure relief while you sleep.

Read more about the Wright mattress in this review.


Price: Starts at $1395 (Twin) to $ 2195 (King/Cal King)
Trial Period: 120 Days
Warranty: 15 Years
Shipping: Free shipping
White-Glove Service: Free
Made in the United States

This isn’t for you if:

• You don’t value a luxurious bed or design.
• You plan to change your mattress every year or two.
• You are looking for a soft or super firm mattress.

4. Casper (Popular Option)

This is a safe option for the who wants to get what most of the other sleepers get. Casper offers all foam mattresses and one will find something they like for sure! They offer lots of conforming while still offering a sweet amount of responsiveness and support.

casper mattress review

Casper definitely has one of the most beautiful web design, their website is magical! credit to casper.com

Read my full review here, in the detailed Casper mattress review.


Price: Starts at $895 (Twin) to $1695 (King/Cal King)
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Warranty: 10 Years
Shipping: Free shipping
Made in the United States

There you have it! Check out these four best foam mattresses online and find the perfect one for you. Enjoy your sleep!