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Index of Leesa vs Purple:

1. Introduction: Leesa vs Purple Mattress Comparison, Before You Buy

It’s no secret the Leesa mattress has been a crowd favorite for some time. But the Purple mattress seems a strong enough to steal some of Leesa’s limelight. Let’s dive deeper and see how these two mattresses compare. Below you’ll find a detailed comparison between Leesa vs Purple.


2. Detailed Comparison Of Leesa vs Purple:

Casper vs Leesa Mattress Comparison Review


Leesa Vs Casper Mattress Review



Top Cover

Leesa cover: Created from a blend of lycra and polyester; cut from one large fabric so it echoes a smooth aesthetic; also highly flexible and can withstand stretching without distortion.

Purple cover: Blend of lycra, polyester, and viscose. Provides good stretch and breathability for extra cooling. Quilted cover with embossed details.

Foam Layers

Leesa: Includes 3 layers of foam that total 10 inches. First layer is 2 inches of Avena foam, seconds layer is 2 inches of memory foam and third layer is 6 inches of support foam.

Purple: Made up of 9.5 inches of foam; first layer is 2.5 inches of hyper-elastic polymer; second layer is 3.5 inches of support and transition foam; bottom layer is 4 inches of polyurethane for foundation.


The Leesa firmness: Medium firm level, approximately 6 out of 10 on the scale.

Purple mattress measures around 7 out of 10 in the firmness scale.

Body Support

Leesa body support: Great body support, balanced contour and hug with good pushback and cooling.

Purple body support: Great body support ensuring pressure relief and certain parts are cradled.

Motion Transfer

Leesa motion transfer: Minimal motion transfer with good degree of bounce.

Purple motion transfer: Very minimal motion transfer with excellent cooling


Leesa prices:

twin size  : $525,
full size    : $855,
queen size: $995,
king/cal    : $1195.

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Purple prices:

twin size  : $699,
queen    : $999,
king size: $1299,
cal/king    : $1299.

Currently no discount.

Trial Period

Leesa trial period: Standard 100 nights of trial available.

Purple trial period: Standard 100-night trial.


Leesa warranty: Offers 10 years of warranty for mattress.

Offers 10 years of warranty.

Shipping Period

Leesa shipping: Free shipping and delivery for the USA, Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska. Wow!

Purple Shipping: Free shipping within the USA.


Leesa returns: Yes, within trial period and minimum of 30 nights use.

Purple returns: Yes, minimum of 30 days use; company encourages you to donate mattress.

Leesa Details:

Casper vs Brooklyn Bedding mattress comparison, casper vs Brooklyn bedding

Price: Starts at $525 (Twin) to $1070 (King/Cal King)
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Shipping: Free within US except Alaska and Hawaii
Warranty: 10 Years

*$130 discount is included. No link needed.

Purple Details

Eight Sleep Mattress Review, Eight vs casper, casper vs eight, eight mattress review, eight smart mattress

Price: Starts at $699 (Twin) to $1299 (King)
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Shipping: Free shipping
Warranty: 10 years

*No discount is available.

3. Summary Table: Comparison of Leesa vs Purple with Specs

Leesa Purple
Foam Layers 2 inches of Avena foam; 2 inches of memory foam; 6 inches of support foam 2.5 inches of hyper elastic polymer; 3.5 inches of transition and support foam; 4 inches of foundation foam
Height 10 inches 10 inches
Cover Created from a blend of polyester and lycra; stretches without distortion; cut from one large fabric Created from a blend of lycra, polyester, and viscose; breathable material with quilted and embossed detail
Firmness Medium Firm (6 out of 10 in firmness scale) Medium Firm (7 out of 10)
Support Very Good Very Good
Motion Transfer Minimal Very Minimal
Price Starts at $525 for Twin to $1070 for King Starts at $699 (Twin) to $1299 (Split King/Split Cal King)
Warranty 10 years 10 Years
Trial Period 100 Nights 100 Nights
Shipping Free within US, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii Free within the US
Returns Yes, within the trial period, minimum of 30 days use Yes, minimum 30 days of use; Company encourages you to donate the mattress
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The Final Verdict

Both mattresses have their strong points and they’re quite similar when it comes to performance. I suggest you grab the Leesa if you want a well-balanced mattress for a good and reasonable price. It’s a mattress with great value, plus it can accommodate different sleeping positions easily.

Meanwhile, the Purple mattress is a great fit for you if you want something that has a unique feel and a faster response time. If you have a problem sleeping hot, the Purple mattress has one of the best cooling effects at night so you might want to check it out for that.