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ActiveX Mattress
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Nest Bedding’s ActiveX mattress delivers wonderful performance and great looks.

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Nest Bedding ActiveX Mattress Review

Nest Bedding is one of the most unique brands in the online mattress world and they’ve just added one more standout mattress to their roster – the ActiveX Mattress. Like its’ name, this new mattress is flashy, stylish and promises plenty of support and comfort. Let’s take a look at the details in my ActiveX mattress review below:

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ActiveX has the spider web look, very unique and sleeps cool. (ActiveX mattress review)

Breaking Down the Layers

Featuring 11-inches in total, the Nest Bedding ActiveX Mattress is made from four different layers.

Top Layer: Composed of 2-inches of memory foam. Because of the memory foam, this ensures you get contouring and comfort right off the bat.activex-mattress-reviews-layers

Second Layer: Composed of 2-inches of Energex Foam. Most of you might not have heard of this but it’s polyurethane foam that acts like both memory foam and latex. It’s created to offer support and pressure relief while providing a noticeable bounce to the mattress.

Third Layer: Composed of 2-inches of transitional foam. This serves as a great buffer and transitional layer from the comfort top layers to the bottom foundation layer. The unique design of the foam for this layer allows breathability as well.

Bottom Layer: Composed of 5-inches of high-density foam. Compact and supportive, this layer ensures all the other layers rest on a good supportive foundation.

All in the Cover

One look at the cover and you know they’re aimed for the fancy, active crowd. The ActiveX Mattress cover is made from phase change fabric. What’s that, you ask? Well, it’s essentially a unique material that helps regulate temperature. It’s also made to be thin so air can easily circulate.

ActiveX Mattress Review, ActiveX Nest Bedding, ActiveX Mattress, Nest Bedding, Nest Bedding ActiveX Mattress review

Pick one, ActiveX has has green, blue and red colors, the design is pretty unique. Although remember, you’ll use sheets and will have to uncover to show it to your guest how cool your mattress looks :p

In terms of looks, oh my, Nest Bedding went all out. It comes in a black and white color scheme with splashes of bright red on the sides. The front of the mattress is decked in this glorious geometric pattern (which reminds me of spider webs) and makes for a dashing site the first time you see it. It’s honestly quite stylish because it fits in with both the more active crowd and the more modern, chic crowd. There is also green and torques options.

How Does It Perform

Of course, looks alone isn’t enough, the performance has to match as well. Luckily, the ActiveX Mattress does have great standout points. For one, it offers mid-range firmness, around a 6,5 out of 10. There’s minimal sinkage compared to other mattresses but it’s more than enough to relieve the pressure and cater to any critical points.

ActiveX Mattress, Nest ActiveX Mattress Review, Nest Bedding ActiveX Mattress

Unboxing ActiveX mattress

If you’re heavier, you might hit the Energex layer where you get both the support you need as well as that cool bounce. With this layer, ActiveX manages to provide users with plenty of comfort, eliminating that wall of foundation and gives a better response to the body. The cover’s phase change fabric ensures you get cooler temps for the first 15 minutes or so when you lie down, then the temps even out to a regular rate.

ActiveX Mattress, Nest ActiveX Mattress Review, Nest Bedding ActiveX Mattress

A close look to the cover. It reminds me the sports clothing materials.

However, I did notice that if you’re of an average or light weight, the mattress offers more of a floating feeling instead of a sinking feeling. In some ways that’s good but for those who hate it, then it’s bad. Especially if you’re a light side sleeper, you may consider some other options. It does offer good support though and that’s always a plus.

ActiveX Details:

ActiveX mattress Review - Nest Bedding Reviews - Girl on the Mattress

Price: Starts at $699 (Twin) to $1299 (King)
Shipping: Free within US
Trial Period: 100 Nights
Warranty: Lifetime
Made in: USA

The Final Verdict:

Overall, the ActiveX Mattress lives up to its claims. It gives support, pressure relief, coolness and even great bounce – combining most of what you would expect (and more) in a unique mattress. Aesthetically, it looks awesome! But of course, it’s the performance that really sells it for me. It’s great for various sleeping positions and would make a great choice. Hope my ActiveX mattress review helps you a bit.