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Saatva HD Mattress Review
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The Saatva HD Mattress is a fantastic luxury hybrid mattress designed for heavy people. It comes with a strong firmness level, about a 7 out of 10. The Talalay latex together with innerspring coils lets you sleep cool while at the same time offering good support for pressure relief, excellent bounce, and fantastic edge support.


  • Heavy people (weighing over 130 pounds  and above
  • Those who tend to sleep hot
  • People looking for a firm mattress
  • Sleepers who want a long-term mattress

Not So Great

  •  Light or medium-weight sleepers (under 130 pounds)
  • Sleepers who want a budget-friendly option
  • Those who want a memory foam
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Saatva HD Mattress Review: Offering Better Sleep for Heavier Folks

Although bed-in-a-box companies offer different firmness options for their models, let’s face it – not all of the mattresses on their roster are suited for people who are on the heavier side. Those weighing upwards of 230 to 300 pounds often need a bed that has low sinkage and has enough support to be able to carry a lot of weight.

Fortunately, mattresses like the Saatva HD mattress are now available! They help fill the empty hole in the market while ensuring sleep is made comfortable for those on the heavier side. In terms of firmness, heavier sleepers are recommended to go for firm mattresses since a regular mattress will often cause them discomfort as they sink too much into the layers – making for an uncomfortable sleep.

In this review, I wanted to see how the Saatva HD mattress holds up and whether this mattress does the job of providing heavier individuals a chance at a great night’s rest.

Breaking Down The Layers

The Saatva HD is a 15.5-inch hybrid that promises both durability and comfort. It’s designed to support between 300-500 lbs. of weight, without sinking or slumping while offering a relaxing and restful sleep. Let’s check out the layers it has in between.

First Layer:

A 1.5-inch Talalay Latex with Five-Zone Support. This layer is zoned in five areas to provide comfort and support where needed. Moreover, this first layer of foam is hypoallergenic and helps regulate temperature so you sleep cool.

Second Layer:

A 1.5 Zoned Talalay Latex + 1.5-inch Memory Foam. Underneath the Talalay latex is a unique layer that combines memory and comfort foams. With this special integration, sleepers can experience deep contouring while maintaining balanced weight distribution. This layer is also remarkably designed to contribute to pressure relief during sleep.

Third Layer:

A 6-inch Offset Pocketed Coil Base. The coil base is constructed with 12.5 gauge steel coils, which makes it a lot more durable than the industry standard.

The coil base is exceptionally designed using thinner helical wires that are known to aid in motion isolation. And to make the bed more capable of supporting heavier weights, the patented spinal zone active wire is positioned on the center third.

Fourth Layer:

A layer of Innerspring Steel Coils. A huge portion of the mattress is made up of innerspring coils which offer plenty of bounce while offering stability.

Fifth Layer:

A 1.5-inch Poly Foam. This hardwearing layer reinforces the support that this mattress provides to individuals with heavier weight.


Saatva HD Mattress Review – A Luxury Mattress Made for Heavy People 2024

Cover (Image Credit: Saatva)

All in the Cover

With the company’s efforts to provide supportive and durable layers, it’s only fitting to add a comfortable cover to create more restful sleep. The topper is made from organic cotton, so it is soft to touch and doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive sleepers.

It’s also breathable so sleepers don’t sleep hot. What’s more, the cover is well-designed so it adds a premium and luxury finish to the whole piece.

How Does It Perform

Since this is designed for heavier individuals, it is constructed with heavy-duty materials to make it stronger and sturdier than regular versions. The mattress is quite firm, but it doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable. As a matter of fact, it provides the right balance of comfort and support.

It’s also designed to sleep cool even though there is memory foam in the layers. The materials used are still breathable making for a convenient night’s rest.

When it comes to bounce, the Saatva HD mattress offers some of it. It has great motion isolation too, so any sleep disturbance won’t be a problem. Edge support is also remarkable allowing heavier individuals to sit or sleep comfortably on the edge without feeling sinkage and discomfort. This also makes it easier to get in and out of bed.

Saatva HD Mattress Performance

Image Credit: Saatva.com

The Details:

Price: Starts at $1499 (Twin) to $2799 (CalKing)
Shipping: Free White Glove Delivery
Trial Period: 120 Nights
Warranty: 15-Year Warranty
Discount: Check here
Made in the USA

Mattress Performance Breakdown

Comfort & Pressure Relief

All four layers add to the pressure relief of the sleeper. It has a layer of comfortable Talalay latex which provides contouring around the body. It cushions all the pressure points especially if you’re over 130 pounds.


This is a firm mattress, about 7/8 out of 10 on the firmness scale. While the pillow top cover is soft, the next few layers are firm and supportive, giving it that overall firm feels.

Smell or Off-Gassing

There is almost no off-gassing here. Thanks to its construction or minimal foam layers, the smell or off-gassing is kept low.


Expect a good amount of bounce. It’s perfect for sex or if you simply want some bounce on your bed. Talalay latex is responsive and together with the innerspring coils, it offers a good amount of movement.

Edge Support

This has amazing edge support thanks to its strong coils and high-density polyfoam. This means when you sit on the edge, it won’t immediately sink in. In addition, the firmness level adds to the perimeter integrity.

Motion Transfer

Motion isolation is average on this one. It has a good amount of bounce and firmness so there is slight motion transfer when you use this together with a partner.

Sleeps Cool

Thanks to the Talalay latex, you can expect to sleep cool on this mattress. The first two layers offer excellent temperature control since it wicks away moisture and minimizes the heat.

The Final Verdict

If you are a heavier individual weighing between 300 to 500 lbs., then the Saatva HD mattress would be ideal for you. It upholds its promise to provide a durable, supportive, and long-lasting mattress for heavy individuals, but it also gives superb comfort.

I also recommend this to hot sleepers. It does its job well when it comes to promoting airflow and eliminating heat, making sleep more relaxing and comfortable.

If you are a light to medium-weight individual, you may opt for the original Saatva. But if you are a heavy person or you sleep with someone on the heavier side, the Saatva HD mattress is a good investment. It is designed with high-quality materials that would make the whole mattress strong and sturdy, and that will last for a very long time.




Is Saatva HD good?

Yes, if you weigh over 130 pounds, the Saatva HD mattress is a great option. The firmness level is fantastic for providing comfort and pressure relief. It’s especially great for those weighing above 230 – 300 pounds.

What is an HD mattress?

HD means “high-density.” It refers to the foam layer density which ensures it cradles your body and conforms around your pressure points to provide comfort and relief.

How firm is Saatva HD?

On a general firmness scale, the Saatva HD is around a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This means that those over 130 pounds would be most comfortable using this while those under 130 pounds might feel it’s a bit too hard for their liking.


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