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Nectar Mattress Unboxing Review Video

Hello hello hello! This is the Nectar Mattress unboxing video, for you to have fun and see how this not so little bed in a mattress turns to a real mattress:

My quick notes on the unboxing the Nectar mattress:

– Nectar doesn’t come very compressed in a box actually. As you can see it’s a slightly large bag.

– It doesn’t come in an actual box either. I’d call it a bag. It comes in a 3 layers protection. After you take off the first one, as in the video, you’ll see there are holders to carry it like a back bag 🙂 And it makes it easier if you have to carry it a little bit. Obviously I wouldn’t suggest you to carry on your back unless you know you have a strong bag.

– It’s a 74 LBS mattress.

– Nectar mattress unpacking will be pretty easy for you as it was for me for sure. How about you add some dancing into it to make it more fun too? 😉

– There was very little unboxing smell that we can say no smell at all. Just air it a few hours and bam you’re ready to sleep.

– The Nectar bed is very high dense, and firm at first. When you start sleeping on it, you’ll see it actually contours your body and relieve the pressure points, which makes a mattress a great one!

These are some few initial Nectar mattress unboxing notes, if you’re looking for Nectar mattress reviews and more helpful information and guides:

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