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Why Getting Proper Sleep is Important

You’ve heard this many time and again – get proper sleep! But sometimes, it’s easier said than done. Even if you have the most comfortable bed, life, work and your favorite TV shows just get in the way.

However, science has proven how important it is to get those Zzz’s in place and on schedule.

Here are seven solid reasons why you might want to think twice about your night owl habits.

1. You’ll have awful memory.

The link between memory and sleep is a strong one. Even though science hasn’t fully grasped the how and why, there is no denying that getting ample sleep helps make your memories last better. For instance, if you’re trying to learn something like a new language, you can practice all you want but once you sleep, your brain starts working and processing in a different way. It ends up allowing you to learn much better than when you are sleep deprived.

2. You’ll pose as a danger when in the road or driving.

This is serious because driving doesn’t just mean you’re putting yourself in danger, it means other people will be in danger as well. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 1 out of 6 car crashes that resulted in fatalities were caused by drowsiness because of a lack of sleep.

3. You’ll be low on creative juices.

Just like memory, the brain seems to have a different set of processes once you sleep. Not only does it consolidate what you’ve learned allowing you to retain it better but it also organizes them in a certain and unique way. For artists and creatives in general, this means being able to see things you probably haven’t seen or thought about before. It also results in being more creative overall.

4. You’re less likely to perform at your peak.

Say you’re an athlete; lack of sleep could result in poor performance. Even if you’re in tiptop shape physically, depriving yourself of sleep could mean poor performance in sports or in a game. Stanford University conducted a research about this and their results were consistent with college football players, tennis players and swimmers. Ample 8-10 hour sleep is necessary if you want to experience less daytime fatigue and better stamina.

5. You can’t lose weight properly.

Currently dieting but can’t seem to shed those pounds? You might want to try getting better sleep instead of eating less. Chicago University researchers found out dieters who got proper sleep lost more fat. Also, those with less sleep felt hungrier compared to those who got a good shut-eye.

6. You’ll be more prone to depression.

Not sleeping enough makes you more likely to be depressed. It can also result in irritability and moodiness, which means, nobody would want to hang out with you for a while. And nope, you can’t just say you’ll make up for sleep over the weekends because it doesn’t work that way.

7. You’ll end up making bad decisions.

Yes, lack of sleep results in bad judgment and decisions. A study by Dr. Timothy Roehrs from the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, found that those with a lack of sleep statistically made worse decisions than those who actually got enough of it.

Overall, getting a good night’s sleep is ideal. Stop neglecting your health and maybe put down that remote once you get in bed.

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